The words you say to yourself matter! If you're struggling to get on top of your eating habits, today's exercise is to pay close attention to your language around food.

What do I mean by this?

I mean that our words have tremendous power over our thoughts, our mindset, and ultimately our experience.

So if we choose disempowering words to describe things like food or workouts, it can vastly change our mindset.

The other day I caught myself in such a language pattern with food. My husband and I came home late from a barbecue last night (hence why no post yesterday), and were ordering in.

Yesterday was a public holiday in Australia, so very little options were open, and I complained to my husband that I didn't want to eat any "bad food" (what I chose to label McDonalds, Red Rooster, KFC and the like).

Then I caught myself. That's old Diet Culture talk.

Labelling food as "good" or "bad" only puts certain foods on a pedestal, and creates guilt and shame around food - a path I didn't want to go down again.

I decided to reframe my mindset and ask, "What would be good fuel for my body right now?"

It was a big day in the sun, I was a little dehydrated, and my body was crying out for sustenance. It wasn't that McDonalds is "bad" food - but in the moment, it wouldn't make me feel any better if I ate it, in fact, it would feel worse.

So, I chose a burrito bowl from Guzman y Gomez instead - filled with brown rice, black beans, grilled chicken, tomato, and onion (and some guac, because of course).

Reframing my language completely changed my experience. When my food came, I didn't stress about ordering in for the second night in a row, ate it hungrily, and went to bed satisfied.

Rather than thinking of food as “good” or “bad”, start thinking of it as fuel. Some fuel enables high performance, and some doesn’t.

It’s okay if sometimes you eat food purely for pleasure or convenience sometimes.

Just stay mindful of what you’re putting in the fuel tank – and make sure that most of what goes in there gets you a lot of mileage and high performance!

Now, since I skipped a day's blogging, I thought I'd give you a twofer. Here's what I ate and how I moved my body on Monday and Tuesday this week.

Monday's Nutrition


Well, now listen. I forgot to take a photo of breakfast, but it was just plain porridge with coconut milk, so here's an accurate re-enactment by a stock photo ...

Porridge may look simple, but it hits the spot, takes 90 seconds to cook in the microwave, is a great source of wholegrains, fills you full of fibre, and may even improve good cholesterol levels.


Lunch was a ham, cheese, and tomato toastie and it was everything.

Hey, can we talk about cheese for a second? Because you might think it doesn't belong on a weight loss plan, but you're doing yourself a disservice.

Cheese is a wonderful source of dairy (read: calcium and vitamin D) and in fact, 8 out of 10 Australians don't get enough dairy in our diets. Most adults need 2-3 servings of dairy every single day (maybe even more if you're a woman over 51).

I don't know who started this rumour that cheese makes you fat, but such rumour has to die. Dairy foods have been shown in studies to have a positive effect on weight loss.

Back on Day 1, you may recall I mentioned that I don't typically put cheese in sandwiches with lots of toppings, because it does add calories and you can't really taste it. But this doesn't mean cutting it out altogether - and it also means it's totally fine to add to your sandwich every now and then.

(Especially when you get the full cheesy goodness taste of a cheese toastie.)

The only time to not consume dairy is if you're medically lactose intolerant (or vegan for ethical reasons - you do you).

If you haven't had lactose intolerance confirmed, but you suspect you are, it's a good idea to talk to your doctor and confirm what's going on before cutting dairy out of your diet.

Moral of the story: cheese is not fattening - it's good for you. Just like with any food, it's all about the amount you consume.

Cheese itself does not cause weight gain. Consuming more calories than you burn causes weight gain.

The same is as true for cheese as it is for chicken breast, or eggs, or avocado.

For my cheese toastie, I used a complete serving, which was 1/4 of a cup of grated tasty cheese. There's really no need to add any more - you get the full burst of flavour without destroying your sandwich press and adding 3 million calories to your lunch.

(Well, maybe not that many.)

I also added a tonne of fresh tomato and about 50 g of shaved deli ham on rye bread, whacked it into the sandwich press and in just a few minutes, I was blissfully burning my mouth on my delicious toastie.

P.S. Do you know what the hottest substance on earth is? You might guess it's oozing molten lava, but you would be wrong. It's the tomato slices in the middle of your toasted sandwich fresh off the press.


My workout was late afternoon again, so I ended up whipping up my green smoothie to have post-workout. You know, I'm kind of partial to my green smoothie as a post-workout treat. It provides so much nourishment after a hearty workout.

I feel invincible afterwards.


Greg had been on a dirt bike ride and I'd been working until late again, so by the time I got downstairs and started wondering about what to cook for dinner ... well, we ordered take away.

I've been impressed with Nando's lately. I choose a feta and avocado chicken burger on a multigrain roll. It was choc full of lettuce, quinoa and tomato and it was delicious.

I was going to order the salad, but here's the thing: the salad was 609 calories and the burger was 512 calories. Just because something comes in salad form doesn't automatically make it better for you.

You totally don't have to count calories (and to be honest, they both seemed like fine choices), but keep it in mind when ordering in. Some takeaway salads can be calorie bombs - and more calorie dense than a burger.

If you feel like a salad, by all means, order it heartily, just don't feel like you have to make the decision for the sake of your nutrition goals. Consider all the components of the meal, including the calories if they're available, when making a decision about what to choose.


For dessert I enjoyed a few tablespoons of protein yoghurt with a few teaspoons of banana protein powder for extra flavour and deliciousness. So good!

Monday's Workout

Baby, baby, oops! I did it again!

Okay, team, if anybody has any suggestions for waking up early, comment below on this post and share them with me! I feel like as I get older the struggle to get up before 7 am is totally real!

For my workout this day I did a banger 80s Blast Off workout with Richard Simmonds - I just love his energy. He's so positive and happy, it's contagious!

It only went for 30 minutes but I was a sweaty mess afterwards, so tick!

I followed it up with a Body Pump Express workout - it was only a 30 minute version too but targeted all the main muscle groups.

I forgot how much I used to love Body Pump. Greg bought me a Body Pump weights kit for Christmas and I've been chomping at the bit to try it out - well, it'll be getting a LOT of use now.

It makes all the difference to your fitness when you find workouts you love doing. It's the most effortless way to make them a non-negotiable part of your day.

I don't have to workout - I treat myself to a workout every day, and I notice the difference in body, mind and soul when I do.

Tuesday's Nutrition


This morning I ended up with what I thought turned out to be the most quintessential Australian breakfast ever: two Weet-Bix with banana slices and a teaspoon of honey.

All that was missing was the slice of Vegemite toast!

My workout was in the morning this morning, so breakfast also served as my post-workout meal (which honestly is my favourite way to go about things).


For lunch, we spent cherished time with our close group of friends and had a summer barbecue. I chose some marinated grilled chicken steak and a side salad from Coles called "broccoslaw" - which is a mixture of broccoli, cabbage and salad greens with a yoghurt dressing and cranberries.

It sounds weird but it's delicious.

To go with it, my friend made the most AMAZING margaritas, which are basically my entire love language, so I sipped on one throughout the afternoon (one is medicine, two is poison. Also, I was driving).


Late in the afternoon, I got a splitting headache and by the time we got home I was ready for bed.

So, after a little deliberation (and reminding myself that there is no "good" or "bad" food), I chose some food that would nourish me, flood me full of restorative nutrients, and ground me after a day of socialising so I could relax and fall into bed.

Enter: the burrito bowl. Like, I seriously need to meal prep these and live on them. They're so nutritious, delicious and filling.

I didn't eat the corn chips though - I nibbled on one or two but they weren't hitting any hot buttons for me tonight.

No dessert either tonight - I had had a sugary soft drink earlier in the day (by accident - read how it happened in tomorrow's post), and I was feeling a little "sugared out", you know?

Tuesday's Workout

Now listen to me closely: you haven't lived until Cher has led you through a fast paced aerobics workout in her If I Could Turn Back Time costume.

It. Was. EPIC.

You can find it here.

Because this day was a public holiday in Australia, I was able to work out in the morning, which is my favourite time of day to get a sweat on.

It's over and done with, and it really sets you up for an energised, productive day.

What's your favourite time to work out? Are you an evening or a morning sweater?

Okay, team, let's bring it in for today's huddle with a short, final motivation message.

This journey isn't meant to be easy, or fast.

At least, not if you want it to last long term.

And I’m guessing you do, right?

Slowly, slowly. Stay consistent, and commit to doing this for you.

You might slip up. You might not get it right all the time. That’s okay. Just keep going.

I promise you, where you’re headed is so worth it.

Until tomorrow, keep shining bright.

xoxo Rhi

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