She’s unique. She’s special. She’s a goddess. She wears vegan toxin-free makeup, she’s into witchcraft, she’s a healer and/or a light worker. It can be hard to know where to shop for her.

That’s why I’ve put together the ultimate gift guide for the woke, wiccan, bohemian, eco, hippie or light worker woman in your life. This guide covers everything from stocking stuffer ideas, to secret Santa gifts, or even to work into your own Christmas list ideas. Please note: I am a participant in affiliate programs, including This page may include affiliate links that will take you to an external website. Any purchase you make after clicking on one of these links will earn me a small commission at not a cent of extra cost to you. Concerned? Need to know more? No problems. Head to my Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure for more information.

Gift Guide For Witches

SMUDGING STICK | White sage has long been used to dispel, banish bad spirits, purify the air, and wipe the energetic slate clean. It is good to smudge with white sage after ending a chapter in your life, when moving into a new space, or if there is “bad energy” in the air. It is also very useful in any sort of ritual work, to cast circles or before a meditation or yoga sequence.

CAULDRON MUG | My husband calls my herbal tea concoctions my “witch’s brews”. Maybe it’s because I like to say a prayer over my herbs as I’m brewing them on the stove, or maybe it’s because, whatever purpose I design them for, the teas seem to work. I’m not sure, but I love these beautiful raven black cauldron mugs – just perfect for sipping my concoctions.

WITCH’S CANDLE SET | In witchcraft, each colour has its own symbolism which embodies the energy of the spell the witch intends to set in motion. For instance, green signifies money and health, whilst red signifies love and passion. Black candles are lit in honour of the dark moon and are also used for banishing and protection spells, whilst white candles are lit in honour of the full moon and are also used for healing and enlightenment. This beautiful kit of hand rolled beeswax candles in every colour takes the hassle out of candle hunting. The kit also comes with a colour correspondence chart.

POCKET ALTAR | The trouble with having limited space when one is a witch is that brooms and spell chests and altars take up a terrible lot of room. And if you’re a witch on the go, it’s hardly convenient to use up an entire carry on suitcase to take your altar everywhere. This novelty travel altar contains a besom, a wand, and even a tiny incense stick and holder – it is literally pocket size. I’m obsessed!


CRYSTAL + DISPLAY SHELF GIFT SET | These amazingly beautiful gift sets from Auramore come with five crystals in a beautiful triangular display shelf, which look beautiful on a night stand, shelf or desk. Each gift set contains crystals that resonate with different energies: for example, there’s one for mental clarity, creativity, and mindfulness. There are also Zodiac sets.

FREEDOM MASTERY LAW OF ATTRACTION PLANNER | It’s a personal development guided journal, a bullet journal, an awesome day planner and a vision board all in one. I have fallen so in love with my law of attraction journal this year. It is the only journal I’ve ever stuck with and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I give a more in depth review and recommendation here.

PEACE YOGA ZAFU MEDITATION PILLOW | One of the beautiful things about meditation is that it can be done anywhere – but having a comfortable and sacred space in my home helps me to get into the right state much more quickly by neuro-associating that space with relaxation and meditation. The designs on the peace yoga zafu meditation pillow are beautiful and in a variety of colours it adds a stylish accent to any space. It provides proper spine support during meditation and is made of all natural material, for extra comfort and consciousness.

TUOKOR DELUXE ZEN GARDEN | This cute, zen garden is fantastic for cultivating mindfulness during one’s work day, helping to promote discipline and focus, and stimulating creativity. It fits easily on any desk or coffee table. It’s also deeply soothing and relaxing – a subtle but powerful way, in those difficult moments at work, to come back to centre and breathe deep again.

SHOP THE STORY: (from left to right) Law of Attraction Planner, The Universe Has Your Back Oracle Cards, Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Pillow, Tuokor Deluxe Zen Garden, Work Your Light Oracle Cards -

THE UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK BOOK + ORACLE CARDS - GABRIELLE BERNSTEIN | This book by the inspiring Gabby Bernstein was a game changer for me. Before reading this book, I didn’t even know how to begin to surrender things beyond my control.

It was the missing link in my manifestation process I knew I needed to trust the Universe, but I didn’t know how to let go and be guided. Gabby breaks it down step by step, being that voice of support to let you know it’s okay to trust. The book is amazing, and I also recommend the companion guided journal and oracle cards.

DESIRE MAP - DANIELLE LaPORTE | Danielle LaPorte is like the rock and roll queen of personal development. I love her authentic, rich, no-bullshit take on going after what you want in life. She balances hustle with surrender, no-bullshit with softness and delivers her content in a way that speaks to you on a soul level. Her Desire Map is an indispensable tool for any creative or soulpreneur looking to design a life on their terms.

THE SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A F*CK - MARK MANSON | Mark Manson’s The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck is hands down my favourite book of the year. He doesn’t do personal development the way most do: at first, most of the truths he lays down seem unexpectedly harsh, but in the strangest way ultimately become freeing and motivating.

WORK YOUR LIGHT ORACLE CARDS - REBECCA CAMPBELL | This oracle card set by Rebecca Campbell is one of my favourites – it’s so incredibly beautiful, ethereal and dreamlike and inspires my intuition with its unique guidance system. The moment I saw this deck I was drawn to it. It features 44 cards and a guidebook for use.


HIMALAYAN SALT LAMP | Our beautiful Himalayan salt lamps are the pride of our bedroom (my husband and I have matching ones on our side tables). The soft pink glow counteracts harsh blue light from devices, promoting a good night’s sleep.

They can also improve air quality and reduce allergies. Most importantly of all, they are grounding and their soft pink light is super relaxing, providing beautiful ambience and lifting the energy in any space.

ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER | The benefit of using a diffuser over an oil burner is that a diffuser doesn’t burn or heat the essential oil in any way. Burning oils can alter their properties and therefore their therapeutic applications.

A diffuser keeps the oil cool and disperses it in mist throughout the home, providing a more authentic and delicate scent and allowing the oil to retain its therapeutic properties. It is also more economical than an oil burner, which requires larger amounts of oil to disperse a strong enough scent.

A diffuser requires only a few drops of oil to disperse the fragrance evenly. This pretty one from Eco Modern Essentials has a soft pretty LED coloured light and offers the option to disperse mist continuously or intermittently.

ECO MODERN ESSENTIALS CHRISTMAS FAVOURITES | A delicious selection of essential oils in traditional holiday season scents: frankincense, cinnamon, pine, ginger, orange, and nutmeg, plus a special festive blend. I love to burn this in the lead up to Christmas. It makes my home smell like Christmas magic.

PAI ZODIAC SKINCARE GIFT SET | Each set contains skincare uniquely formulated for fire signs, water signs, air signs, or earth signs. Some sets contain cleansers, and others masks, depending on the energy of the zodiac element, and all come with Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil. The products are organic, cruelty free, vegan and gluten free.

NUDE BY NATURE ENLIGHTEN RADIANCE SELECTION | A gorgeous makeup kit for a natural, mineral glow. I have been using Nude by Nature products for years now and love their lightweight, wearable, natural feel. I also don’t like using a tonne of harmful chemicals on my face.

Nude by Nature’s products are 100% naturally derived, cruelty free and use only 100% sustainable palm oil sources. This kit contains bronzer, highlighter stick, a blush brush and cosmetic bag.

KORA ORGANICS BALANCING ROSE MIST | This beautiful mist from Miranda Kerr’s skincare line tones, nourishes, and hydrates the skin for all day freshness. And it doesn’t just revive my skin: a little spritz when tired provides an instant spirit lift.

At a convenient, handbag sized 30 mL, I can take it with me when I’m travelling to keep my face fresh and hydrated. It’s organic, cruelty free, and vegan.

THE BEAUTY CHEF HOLIDAY GLOW KIT | Good skincare starts from the inside. That’s what I love about the Body Chef’s products. They’re products taken internally to keep my skin youthful, healthy, and glowing.

The Glow powder contains a specially formulated blend of antioxidants, probiotics and vitamins, whilst the berry flavoured Collagen Inner Beauty Boost maximises collagen production, which makes the skin look youthful and plump. Both formulations can be added to smoothies, water, or even added to raw recipes.

INIKA FLAWLESS FAVOURITES | Contains a kabuki brush, mineral foundation, and long lash mascara. I have been in love with Inika’s mascara for years and what I love even more is that their products are cruelty free and certified vegan.

Their mineral foundation is free of harsh chemicals and therefore less irritating on the skin. In fact, mineral foundation helps to soothe and protect the skin.

It won’t clog the pores like normal foundation, and I can build the coverage from light to full coverage, depending on my skin’s needs that day, or whether I’m going for a day or night look. I haven’t looked back since making the switch six months ago.

This gift set even comes in an all natural hemp cosmetics bag and the foundation is available in a variety of shades for different skin tones.

MULBERRY SILK PILLOWCASE | Every woman needs to use a silk pillowcase at night. Silk won’t draw the moisture away from the face like regular cotton, keeping it hydrated.

It also won’t pull on the skin like cotton can. This leads to less wrinkles and slows the aging process. Further, it reduces the friction between the pillow and hair, which leads to less frizz and split ends. It’s an essential for good beauty sleep.

I love this one because not only does it come with a travel case, but the silk is only harvested once the silk moths have emerged and abandoned their cocoons, so it doesn’t impact their life cycle.

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