Ahhh ... yes.

The universal question human beings have been asking themselves since we climbed out of the primordial soup:

What's for dinner?

Don't you just love getting all enthused about eating healthy and exercising and then you realise ... okay, I have no idea what to actually eat.

Like, you can buy 20,000 healthy eating plans off the internet but do any of them ... you know ... actually WORK?

What DO people who want to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way, actually eat in real life?

Well, have no fear, Rhiannon is here! Here to inspire! Here to motivate!

But mostly ...... I'm here for the food.

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This post is the text version of the latest vlog I shared on my YouTube channel. Get the full story in the video below.

If you're new around here, I am on a mission to get into the best shape of my life and overhaul my health, without deprivation, fad diets, or guilt and on this blog I show you how to do the same by taking you along with me on my journey.

I'm now 5 weeks into my 12 week journey and excitingly, I've already lost 12 cm from my body in that time (and counting).

In this video (and post), I'm taking you through a healthy but realistic typical day in the life of what I ate and how I exercised that contributed to those amazing results.

I never wanted to lose weight in a drastic, overnight, restriction, deprivation, guilt kind of a way (because we know that doesn't work, right?) and instead I'm choosing a realistic, gradual, healthy pathway to a fitter me, where I actually enjoy my workouts, and enjoy what I'm eating and just live my real life.

(P.S. If you want more details, I give you a daily rundown here on the blog, which you can check out on the weight loss journey archives HERE ... and if you'd like to get your hands on a FREE fitness bundle to help kickstart your journey, with all the amazing tips I used to help me lose 12 cm in one month, click the little image below or HERE to get your copy.)

Disclaimer: This post is not intended AT ALL to prescribe specific nutrition advice for what you "should" be eating for weight loss/health and fitness. Every BODY is different. We all burn a different amount of calories, we all have different fitness goals, and we all have different nutritional needs.

This post is simply intended to be informative and inspirational, giving you a rough idea of the kinds of nutritious foods you can include on your healthy eating plan, and how to incorporate fitness into your everyday life.

Morning Workout

At about 6.30 am, I get dressed in my workout gear and go downstairs to hydrate and get my morning workout in.

I begin every day saying "good morning" to my Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, and then it's time to workout.

I always do some form of those cheesy 80s-aerobics style workouts, because they make me happy and get my heart rate up. It's the most fun form of cardio I can think of.

I do between 30 to 60 minutes, four to six times a week. This day I did an Aerobics OzStyle workout (my fellow Aussies who grew up in the 90s will know who they are - they came on in the morning before Cheez TV.)

These workouts are so fun and cheesy and always put me in a good mood. It's such a happy way to get your cardio in, and start your day feeling good.

I do a different workout each day, so most of the time I have no idea what I'm doing and pick it up as I go. I'm no pro dancer, to say the least, but it really doesn't matter - as long as you're keeping up with the beat of the music, doing your best and getting your heart rate up, you'll still get in a great workout and it's still effective, trust me.

Just have fun with it, laugh and smile through the cheesiness. Exercising should be joyful - make it part of starting the day with a smile.


After my morning workout, I shower and then make breakfast instantly. I'm very much a breakfast person - it doesn't take me long to get hangry without it - and of course, I cannot begin my day without coffee.

I switch on my coffee machine and let it crank up and do its thing while I make brekky. I love a good long black espresso, which is a recent thing (I was always a milk-in-my-coffee kinda gal).

Most mornings, especially when I'm busy through the week, I like to keep breakfast simple with two Weet Bix with half a cup of skim milk and a tiny drizzle of sugar free maple syrup and a healthy breakfast is served in seconds.

Mid-Morning Snack

After a few hours, I'm starting to get hungry again, and there's no better way to feel energised and radiant for the day than with a mid-morning green smoothie.

Here's the recipe I religiously follow.

Here's how it looks when it's all done.

Attractive, right? But you'll just feel like a goddess afterwards, I promise.


Lunch is almost always a sandwich, it's easy, it's fast and nutritious. Contrary to what diet culture would have you believe, sandwiches aren't the devil - it's what you put on them that makes or breaks them.

You want to start with a good, healthy, low GI bread - I used rye here - but you can also use multigrain or wholemeal.

Then I add these toppings:

  • 1/2 a poached chicken breast: For filling and delicious lean protein.

  • Avocado: I use this as a spread instead of butter for all the extra nutrients, and because, honestly, I'm addicted to avocados, which is apparently why I'm still renting my house.

  • Cucumber: Lovely source of vitamin K, vitamins B and C, potassium and magnesium.

  • Tomato: Of course! What's a good salad sandwich without tomato? Full of beta carotene (vitamin A), vitamin C, and lycopenes (powerful antioxidants).

  • Greens: Usually spinach or oakleaf lettuce - stuff as many greens as you can on there.

Like I said, it doesn't matter if half of it falls off, just pack it as full of greens as you can. Then top your sandwich with the other slice of bread and you're done!

Afternoon Walk

In the late afternoon, my favourite thing to do is go for a walk with my husband and Tinkerbell by the water. It's such a great way to get fresh air, get my heart rate up, and just honestly spend time with my family.

Depending on how late it is, the walk takes us between 30 minutes and sometimes 2 hours or more. (One time we walked 18 km by accident ... whole other story.)


When I've gotten home, had a bath and settled in for the evening, I make dinner.

This night Greg was out at boys' night, so I was making dinner for one. I usually don't like to go to great pains to cook a meal for just one person, but these days I do like to still make myself something nutritious.

I decided to put a healthy spin on my favourite - 2 minute noodles (or ramen). First, I threw a pre-frozen tub of bone broth in a saucepan over medium/high heat to thaw out (get my bone broth recipe HERE).

If you don't have bone broth, you can use some low sodium chicken stock or even water's fine, I just wanted to sneak in some extra flavour and nutrients.

Bring the bone broth to the boil gradually and while that's cooking, start finely chopping about 1/2 an onion (if you're making one serve). Then I finely chop a chilli - I'm a bit of a sissy when it comes to heat so one is more than enough spice for me, but if you like spicy food you can add more.

Heat a frypan over medium heat, give it a spray with some olive oil spray, and then add the onion and chilli.

Add some minced garlic, about one clove, and give it a good stir.

To the onion/chilli/garlic mixture, add:

  • 1/4 teaspoon sesame oil

  • 1 tsp soy sauce

  • A splosh of mirin (rice wine vinegar)

  • 1/4 teaspoon of maple syrup

At this point, you may want to add a few tablespoons of hot water to the pan to prevent the mixture from catching (careful, it may hiss).

Next add a teaspoon of peanut butter, give the mixture a good stir to combine it well, and then scrape it into your serving bowl.

When the bone broth has reached the boil, it's time for your noodles.

Here's what you do: take any old packet of 2 minute noodles and you know the flavour packets that come with them? Bleurgh, yuck, get rid of them, they're just full of MSG and gross stuff that make you feel terrible, we don't need their kind here.

Throw them away/save them for later and tip your plain noodles into the boiling bone broth to cook for about 2 minutes (check packet directions for cooking times).

Return your fry pan to the heat and add frozen mixed vegetables - whatever you've got but at least a cup full.

Then add some pre-cooked chicken breast, or any cooked protein you have to hand, and warm through.

By this time, your noodles will be done. Take them off the stove and drain them, reserving about 3 or 4 tablespoons of liquid.

Pour the liquid into the sauce we made earlier and give it all a good stir through to give it a saucy consistency.

Now add the noodles to the sauce and give it all a good stir through so it's well combined.

Finally, in the last minute or two of cooking, add some spinach or kale to the chicken mixture and stir until slightly wilted.

Pour the chicken mixture over the top of the noodles and stir to combine.

Boom! Dinner is served, full of carbs, lean protein and noodley deliciousness.

Seriously, how good does this look? A perfect, easy, healthy, and fast meal for one.


For dessert, I had about 140 g of Yo Pro vanilla yoghurt with a teaspoon of acai powder and a cup of dreamtime herbal tea, ending my day with some lean protein for a good night's sleep.

And that wraps up a typical day of eating and exercising for realistic, healthy weight loss.

I hope you liked it and got some good ideas!

Comment below with a meal that you liked the look of and that you're maybe going to try - or if you have any healthy meals, let me know! I'm always looking for new healthy recipe ideas.

Eating healthy for weight loss doesn't have to be restrictive or boring. You can live an enjoyable, healthy lifestyle without guilt or restriction and still reach your weight loss goals.

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