Yesterday, I had a NOTHING day.

Well, I didn’t do ... nothing, exactly.

I sat on the couch. I listened to records.

I tended to my spiritual practice. I did some craft.

My husband and I worked on our side hustle a little.

But I put nothing into the world. I didn’t move much.

And I’m not sorry.

My lady’s cycle has kicked my butt this time around – for the first time, actually, since I started this fitness journey.

And to be honest, I couldn’t move much, because I was so nauseated. I couldn’t even eat.

(Ya know, periods really suck sometimes.)

So I took a nothing day. A day where I did nothing and was completely still.

In some ways, it felt utterly terrifying ... and that’s how I knew I needed it.

Sometimes when you’ve been doing too much the Universe gives you a nudge to remind you that you’re still human.

You still need to pause. You still need to rest.

And you still get sick sometimes.

On those days, it’s okay to rest. It’s okay to make space for healing.

Take the day, be still, do nothing except everything you WANT to do, and forget the rest. The world can wait.

(And P.S. ... If the thought of a nothing day terrifies you – it’s a good sign you need one.)

If you're just joining me here on Day 44, for a bit of context, after a recent health scare, I'm on a mission to turn my life around and get into the best shape of my life.

I've been down this fitness road before, but this time I'm determined to do it from a place of self love, with no restriction, guilt or crazy diet rules.

You can catch up on journeys 1 through 40 by clicking the 'related posts' at the bottom of this one, and if you'd like to come with me on a fitness journey (and get an amazing FREE bundle of the fitness resources that have helped me lose 12 cm so far), click HERE and get your hands on all the goodness.

Friday's Nutrition


Breakfast was a simple one: some high fibre cereal (1/2 cup All Bran/Oat Flakes and a Weet Bix) with ½ cup of milk and a coffee (just an instant one today).


This day kind of felt internally chaotic and I just had one of those days where I didn’t feel like much – but I knew my body needed sustenance.

So I reached for one of my favourites – avocado toast on fresh rye bread. Lots of good healthy fat to support my body, with beautiful vitamin C and antioxidants from the tomato and a sprinkling of parmesan for flavour.


It was Pizza Friyay night and once again I plum forgot to take a photo – it’s tricky on Friday nights because Greg and I typically just serve ourselves pizza by the slice rather than loading up plates from the get go.

We had Domino’s again this week. Man, I’m mad about Supreme.

Think next week I’ll have a go at making my own, though. I do love my healthy pizzas and I definitely feel a lot better after eating them.


Greg and I snuggled up after dinner to watch my all time favourite TV show: The Twilight Zone so I felt some movie snacks were in order for dessert.

I grabbed some Cob’s natural sweet and salty popcorn and a Fibre One bar, both under 100 calories each.

Friday's Workout

Oh God, I really didn’t feel like a workout today, but I did it, and I'm so proud of myself for it. I picked up a Leslie Sansone Walking Workout, which is a bit like a moderate intensity but low impact aerobics workout.

It works your whole body and I definitely got a sweat on, but there was no jumping around, which was definitely what I needed on this day.

Saturday’s Nutrition


Saturday had a bit of a spanner thrown in the works because I was really nauseated all morning and just couldn’t stomach the thought of food.

By lunch time, however, I was starting to feel a bit better and ordered my favourite sandwich, which is basically chicken, cheese and salad (but so delicious) from my local deli.

P.S. - The photo's an action shot, because I only remembered to take a photo while I was midway through the sandwich. D'oh!

Thankfully, my tummy handled it well but I didn’t feel like eating again until dinner.


For dinner tonight we had left over Domino’s – I had four slices of Supreme (which I again forgot to take a photo of – d’oh! – I blame PMS lol).


Tonight we watched JoJo Rabbit and oh my God, I can’t believe I didn’t know about this movie. It was incredible!

Anyway, I just had to have popcorn for it, so I grabbed another snacky pack of sweet and salty popcorn and treated myself to one of Greg’s chocolate covered ice creams for dessert.

Not the most perfect few days of eating, but hey, it’s totally okay. I do well most of the time, and needed a day or two to just roll with it. That’s just real life.

Never feel guilty if your nutrition isn’t where you want it to be over a few days. It’s not going to ruin your progress.

Pick up again as soon as you are able and keep moving forward. Trust that you did the best you could with the resources you had available to you, and be kind to yourself, always.

Until tomorrow, keep shining bright.

- Xo Rhi

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