What do you get when you combine journalling, life planning, a daily gratitude practice, stationery, self development, and the law of attraction – without trying to juggle six bajillion planners?

This gorgeous baby.

The Law of Attraction Planner gives you room to dream, imagine and create a beautiful life with plenty of space to make it your own, whilst giving you structure and prompts to keep you on track to reach your goals: like the love child of a night of unlikely passion between a bullet journal and a prompted planner.

No more juggling a personal development guided journal, a gratitude journal, a bullet journal and a daily planner. This journal holds it all conveniently betwixt its pages.

I’ve had my eye on this planner for aaaaaaages so I pounced eagerly on the opportunity to grab one on sale. I then spent the next week madly dashing to meet the postie in case today was the day.

And here at is, at glorious long last. The Precious.

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In a (very basic) nutshell, the law of attraction is the idea that we attract things into being based on our thoughts and beliefs and where we are focusing. When our energy matches the energy of the thing we are trying to attract, it is inevitable that in one way or another we will bring it into being.


The 12 month planner is B5 size (17.5 cm x 24.9 cm). It has a flexible but durable soft faux leather cover.

Mine was black, as only the colours black or red are available to Australian customers at this point. I would have loved rose gold or teal.

There are bookmark options galore to choose from. It has an elastic strap at the rear of the planner and two ribbons (one black, one red) in the centre.

The binding’s the best part. It opens completely to lay flat, allowing you to work across a two page spread without having to use one hand to keep the book pried open.

I can keep it laid out flat on my desk all day and quickly glance down to my planner to check my priorities, appointments and tasks. This is perfect, because I’m afraid I’m not naturally an excellent taskmaster, so being able to glance down and see upcoming events helps me feel prepared.


For the guided journal and personal development philes: this is the journal of your dreams. It is comprehensive and an all in one essential self development item.

You can spend hour after hour daydreaming, planning your best life, writing out your goals, putting together the ultimate vision board and writing all about yourself. Plus, now it’s part of your daily planner so it’s always on hand to check in with.

For those who, on the other hand, are not personal development philes… it’s a lot.

Page one begins with one of my favourite quotes from Gandhi, whilst the contact information page also includes a section to fill in your vision statement and mission statement.

From there, you’ll find an excellent fold out roadmap explaining how to make the law of attraction work for you, with a philosophy very similar to my own, and the places in the planner to complete the steps in the roadmap. The next 18 pages (with an additional 8 foldout pages) are self development journalling paradise with pages including:

  • An emotional vibration chart with affirmations for each level and action steps at each one to raise your vibration higher

  • Awareness and self discovery questions

  • Space to fill in up to 50 goals

  • Several life goal mind maps, breaking them down from life goals into daily planning

  • One Year Goals

  • A Journey Planner with goals for each area of life, from spiritual to family goals, a planner for making each one happen, a vision board

  • A life statement

  • Skills, habits and accountability planner

  • A section to assess the beliefs holding you back and transforming them into new, more empowering beliefs


There is a two-page spread for each month, each grid containing large 44 mm x 27 mm squares. The monthly spread also contains:

  • Monthly goal (and the reward for achieving it)

  • Monthly intention

  • Skills/habits to learn

  • Three smaller goals to achieve

  • A list of action steps for each goal, ranked in priority

  • A blank space to jot ideas, gratitude journal, mind map or doodle.


Each week is displayed as a two-page spread, listed from Sunday through Saturday. The daily columns are relatively large and provide space for scheduling from 5 am through to 10:30 pm.

Each daily column is 38 mm wide – so most planner stickers fit perfectly. This makes me especially delighted because I am a journal sticker junkie.

As well as a weekly scheduling spread, there are columns to track:

  • Weekly goals

  • Weekly priorities

  • To-Do List

  • Habit tracker

  • Blank space for doodling, gratitude journaling or mind mapping

There is also a cute little inspirational quote to set the theme of each week and keep you motivated.

Each daily column also features space to track daily goals/intentions and list your top three priorities, so you really can plan your day at a glance.


I so love this! The personal development/reflection doesn’t end at the front of the planner.

At the end of each month, there is space to reflect on, learn from and grow from the month that has just passed. The two page spread prompts you to fill in:

  • Top 10 Achievements

  • Life Wheel

  • A tracker for exercise, expenses, money saved, family time, gratitude et cetera

  • Key learnings, insights and reflections on progress

I used to try this with my bullet journal, but I found it too time consuming to set up, let alone fill in. This journal does all the heavy lifting for you so that you can simply use your time productively to reflect and record.


At the end of each month is my favourite part. There are two big dot grid pages to do what you like with.

This is brilliant for someone like me. In theory, I’m madly in love with the idea of a bullet journal but in practice am actually too pressed for time to design, create and fill in new spreads for EVERY page.

You could use this to jot notes, create a beautiful title page for the month ahead, paste recipes, favourite photos, or monthly vision boards.


There is SO much room for activities!

With most journals, I hate feeling too “corralled in” by tiny line gaps, two single note pages in the back and minuscule weekly spreads I can’t even fit all my scheduling into (let alone my goals).

The Law of Attraction Planner has a lot of space in each section to answer the self discovery questions. For the creatives who don’t like to be boxed in there is ample room to doodle, paste stickers, customize with your own spreads or create new sections to suit your own personal needs.

Beautiful quality

With its soft faux-leather cover, beautiful ribbon and elastic bookmarks, a gusseted pocket for assorted curios and high quality binding, the law of attraction journal is by far the nicest quality journal I have owned.

It’s a bullet journal without the commitment

I really loved that there was a planner index (blank so I could customize it for myself), a done-for-you habit tracker and blank dot grid pages to use how I wanted. The monthly and weekly spreads also contained a lot of blank space for unfettered creativity.

Having a big blank notebook to completely fill in from scratch can be a little daunting. This journal provides a basic structure so that you’re not having to reinvent the wheel each month, whilst giving you lots of beautiful room to create freely.

Lots of bookmarks

I hate having to flip for a thousand years to find the week I need. Luckily, this journal has two ribbon bookmarks so you can easily pull up the month and week you want. Plus it has another elastic bookmark at the back to mark a further space or sequester part of a year.

There’s a gusseted pocket at the back

I can use it to keep my many stickers, post it notes, random papers and receipts stashed safe until I can file them or use them properly.

It’s well designed

For a journal that packs in so much information, it doesn’t at all look too busy or cluttered. Everything is laid out in an accessible, cohesive way so that it is straightforward and simple to follow. My eyes can find everything on a page easily.

It’s durable

Whilst of course I would never intentionally be rough with it, and equally whilst it was likely not designed to survive such a scenario, the faux leather, semi hard but still pliable cover would probably withstand my morning ritual of spilling at least one glass of water/coffee all over my desk at some point.

It’s quite reasonably priced

At the recent Mind Body Spirit Festival I was horrified to find that a prompted planner of comparable quality was going to set me back $70+ AUD.

At under USD$40 (full price, plus postage), the Law of Attraction Planner is reasonably priced. More importantly, it delivers what I feel to be excellent value for money.

It comes with pretty stickers

The rose gold motivational quotes are my favourite. I have a feeling I am going to use them up all at once and immediately feel sad about it. Side note: the way to my heart is to send me pretty stickers.


It’s kind of giant

The unfortunate drawback of the journal being so spacious, wonderfully customisable and yet comprehensive is that it must, in turn, be large. This makes it rather a hassle to take places.

It is B5 sized and I feel like it weighs a kilo. It has some solid hulk to it. I would probably only just be able to squish it into my handbag.

Only black or red journals are available for Australian customers

I feel red is far too aggressive a colour for me to use in any sort of overage outside of Christmastime, so I opted for black. I will admit this is classic and elegant.

However I did have my heart set on the popular rose gold I’d seen advertised, or perhaps a teal. Alas, neither of those options are available as yet to Australian customers.

It’s nothing a little rose gold contact paper won’t jazz up though.

We have a bleeder

The paper is apparently 100 gsm, so it’s thicker than Moleskine and most definitely thicker than the DIY bullet journal I whipped up on a non-existent budget using printer paper. However, I found that my Stabilo Point 88 pens still bled through a little – though not to the point, unlike some of my other journals, that it made the writing on the following pages illegible.

The week starts on Sunday

This is not inherently bad. I had already begun to view Sundays as the first day of the week in which I prepare for the following six days ahead.

However, in Australia at least, most calendars start their week on a Monday, so this is taking a little getting used to and a lot of ‘Oh, fuck’s and correction tape.

All in all, I am so excited about, and in love with, my Law of Attraction Planner. I absolutely can’t wait to light up some incense, pour a big cup of coffee, snuggle under a big fluffy blanket with my Stabilo pens and stickers and get planning. The Law of Attraction Planner is available at Amazon – you can grab your copy here!

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