Well, now listen, we like the idea of a quick fix diet. I mean, if something promises to make you drop 5 kg overnight, it's tempting, right?

Usually these quick fix diets involve an all or nothing, cut and dry approach that DO lead to fast noticeable results at first.

Why? Because they involve you going into an extreme calorie deficit. When you burn more calories than you consume, you'll lose weight.

The problem is that a strict diet, where you just deprive yourself and restrict all your favourite foods and hate life, rarely last. They also rarely work long term.

Your body will adjust to that extreme calorie deficit and pretty soon, you'll find yourself having to cut more and more calories to continue losing weight until you're ... well, starving, honestly.

It's just not good for your health, your results, or your lifestyle in the long term.

Unless you plan on never having a life, never having conflicting priorities, always being prepared, never eating out, never going on holiday (lame) and never being too tired or sick to prepare food, it's going to be almost impossible to stick with a very restrictive diet long term.

So when you've trained your metabolism to live on 1200 calories a day (which barely sustains an infant), and then life happens, or you inevitably choose to relax the reins a little and live your dang life, all the weight you sacrificed to lose comes back - fast. Usually with a couple of kilos extra.

These fad diets set you up for feeling defeated, guilty, and frustrated.

It's not your fault.

Most of these diets were NEVER meant to be followed long term, because long term restriction of food groups, deprivation and food shame, and constant caloric deficit can lead to all kinds of deficiencies, imbalances, metabolic disruption, and disordered eating.

Not cute. Like, explain to me how that's "healthier" than just eating a goddamn cheeseburger every once in a while?

Not to mention - it's very hard to do real life when you're on a diet. At least any kind of life you can enjoy.

Now you're on myfitnesspal at a fancy dinner on date night and getting up at 3 am to meal prep when you've had a busy week. And when everyone goes out for ice cream you just sit there eating carrot sticks in a pre-prepped sandwich bag pretending they're just as good.

Boo. Who wants that life?

I have another alternative. Another alternative - which I can personally attest - will get you REAL results.

Maybe not overnight - but in days you'll feel healthier. In weeks others will notice the change. And in a month, you'll notice it too.

Better still - this alternative will be something you can stick to for life.

Something that actually makes you feel good, gives you more energy, and allows you to live a richer life.

What if, instead of another crash diet, you chose to make healthy changes?

Nothing drastic, just adding healthy habits to your current lifestyle.

Crazy, right?

After years of dieting, let me tell you, it sure feels like it. But here I am, losing weight, not a diet in sight, and actually enjoying the journey.

I choose to make small changes to my lifestyle for the healthier, focusing on what feels doable, and doing the next right thing.

And yes, I won’t lose 10 kg overnight. But with consistency, hard work, and a little bit of prioritisation, it’s happening.

Every day that you show up, even when you don’t want to, you keep moving in the right direction.

And I have something that can help you: a free bundle of healthy habits to help you notice changes in your health, fitness and mindset.

No diets. No crazy restriction. Just the healthy lifestyle you’ve dreamed of living.

This is the only "plan" I'm religiously following (together with the Australian Nutritional Guidelines) and babes: it's working. Three weeks in, I can't believe the results.

I can't believe for so long I felt like I had to restrict myself and make it so hard. I can't believe getting in shape feels this good and this fun.

It's simple, it's common sense, and it works.

🡣 Click the button below 🡣 to download the bundle now - it's absolutely free and you can get started today.

Now with all that said, onto the Captain's Log for Day 21. I can't believe I'm three weeks into the journey already!

It's gone by so fast - but also? I can't believe I'm seeing such amazing results already.

Like, Greg has mentioned how much firmer my body looks and feels several times. And listen - being able to get up and down my stairs without getting puffed is always a plus.



Guess what happened? I got up early - w00t! It's so exciting when this happens.

Okay, so not only did I have time for a scorcher of a morning workout, I also had time for a wicked breakfast. I decided to "experiment" with flavour and made raspberry cheesecake flavoured oatmeal.

I'm well aware that this sounds weird but stick with me.

Doesn't it look delicious though? (And it tastes delicious too!)

You just need:

  • a packet of instant oatmeal

  • a few dollops of vanilla Greek yogurt (I used YoPro)

  • about two teaspoons of light cream cheese

  • 1/2 cup frozen raspberries

  • a dash of cinnamon

All you need to do is nuke the oatmeal in water according to the packet directions. Then add your other ingredients and mix.

Kind of tastes like a raspberry cheesecake Subway cookie, it's full of protein and it's so delicious. Well worth the early start!


I decided to make a "kitchen sink" omelette for lunch - where you basically just chuck in all the veggies from your veggie crisper.

Today this involved leftover red onion and capsicum from pizza Friday. There was a lot of it, so this omelette was rather hefty.

To make the omelette, I just pre-cooked the veggies so they were nice and soft and removed them from the pan. Then I whipped up 2 eggs and 2 egg whites until fluffy, poured them in until half set, put the veggies back in, added 1/4 cup of cheese and put the pan under the grill until the cheese melted.

I even got the flip *kind of*. I used to be a master omelette flipper but somewhere along the line I lost my mojo and now 9/10 times my omelette ends up as scrambled eggs.

My current secret is to cut the omelette in half horizontally before flipping, then reassembling it on my plate.

I ate all of this and later regretted it - it was a massive meal. I probably could have gotten away with splitting it in two portions.

At least I was full and satisfied for the rest of the afternoon!


Dinner tonight was leftover zucchini slice from last night. I made a simple side salad of:

  • oakleaf lettuce (about 2 cups)

  • one whole tomato

  • 1/2 cup of cucumber

  • a good splash of apple cider vinegar

  • a good splash of lemon juice

  • 2 scant teaspoons of olive oil

You just chop up the lettuce finely, finely dice the tomato and cucumber, and throw it together in a big bowl, before adding the vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil as a dressing and tossing to combine. The quantities above make enough salad for two people as a side dish.

It was absolutely delicious and refreshing. I'm really digging quiche and salad as a summer meal lately, as you may have already guessed by now.


For dessert, we treated ourselves to a wedge of seedless watermelon. OMG - it was amazing.

Does watermelon remind anyone else of their childhood sitting in the backyard spitting watermelon seeds into the garden? Good times.

Anyhoo, Greg cut us each a piece for dessert (he's such a gem), but it was massive, so I only ate about half of what I photographed (and saved the rest for lunch).


Sorry folks, I can't share my workout today. I'm working on a top secret project for you guys and my workout was basically road testing it and ironing out the kinks.

I really can't wait to share it with you - it definitely got my heart rate up and worked my whole body. I promise you'll be glistening like a diamond and aching all over by the end. Watch this space!

Okay, team, that wraps us up for today. Huddle in as I leave you with a motivation message.

The things in life worth having don't come easy.

At least, not the real things.

The things that last.

The things that are true.

But that's not to say that it has to be difficult.

It can be simple - not easy - but simple to get what you want.

It takes patience, commitment, and the willingness to keep moving forward when you stumble.

It takes work - but work that doesn't feel like work.

Just like good relationships. Just like a dream career.

So if your goal is to get healthy, get fit - stick to the needle movers.

Stick to the everyday habits that make the biggest difference in the long run.

Commit to living your life as if you had already become the healthy person you dream of being, and show up every day in her shoes, even when it.

That's how you close the gap between dreams and reality.

I'm with you every step of the way. Keep doing the next right thing.

Until tomorrow, my glam babies, keep shining bright.

- xo Rhi

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