Too busy, broke, or unmotivated to exercise?

I've got you.

Listen: I am ALL FOR working out, personally. It's a half hour to an hour dedicated to YOU and your health and has so many benefits not just for your body but also your mind.

And it can be the most fun part of your day, if you play your cards right!

However I get it: life gets busy, times are tough and sometimes you just can't face a date with your yoga mat.

Or maybe you're already working out and are looking for ways to still be active on your rest days or throughout the rest of your day because let's face it: a workout is still just a 24th of your day: it's a great idea to remain moderately active throughout your day.

But unless you're a gym instructor or have a physical job, maintaining a physical lifestyle can be a tough gig.

Here's the good news: there are MYRIAD ways to move your body and get a sweat on throughout the day without trying to squeeze in an extra workout.

Every little bit of movement TOTALLY counts and will make a big difference to your overall health and fitness levels.

Here are 30 of my top suggestions for staying naturally active throughout your day.

  1. Go for a walk before dinner (if it's safe to do so)

  2. Swap out your desk chair for a stability ball and work on your posture, or consider investing in a sit stand desk

  3. Do some gardening - it can burn 200 - 450 calories an hour

  4. Always park in the car park farthest away

  5. Clean your house - an hour of vigorous cleaning burns 170 - 190 calories

  6. Play a game of football/catch/cricket in the park with your family and/or friends

  7. Go swimming (my favourite) - whether in a pool, or a local natural water source that's safe to swim at for your experience level

  8. When catching the bus or train to work, get off a stop earlier than your regular stop and walk the difference (again, if it's safe to do so)

  9. Don't sit or stand to take phone calls - pace around and get your steps in

  10. Take the stairs instead of the elevator

  11. Walk over and talk to your colleagues instead of sending emails (if you're working in an office - might be a bit tricky if you're working from home)

  12. Take up a fun new hobby like hula hooping, roller skating or skipping rope

  13. Throw the Frisbee for your dog - the ab burn is real!

  14. Go for a hike in nature

  15. Put on a playlist of your all time favourite dance tunes and dance it out

  16. Ride your bike to local places instead of taking the car

  17. Get a group of friends together and play a childhood game, like ultimate tag

  18. Set a timer to go off every 50 minutes, get up and stretch, do sit ups, or dance

  19. Take a few minutes to stretch your body before getting out of and into bed

  20. Do sneaky calf raises while waiting in line or doing the dishes

  21. Next time your friend wants to meet for coffee, suggest grabbing it to go and taking a walk while you sip your beverage

  22. In summertime, start an impromptu water fight with the family

  23. Hog your kids' trampoline and bounce away (wear a good sports bra). Rebounding has so many benefits for your body!

  24. Suggest a physical activity for your next date night instead of sitting at a restaurant - think mini golf, ten pin bowling, or laser tag

  25. Try adding one "active" game on games night, like charades or Twister

  26. Do 10 squats every time you use the bathroom

  27. Get away from your desk at lunch time and go for a brisk walk in the sunshine (make sure to wear sunscreen)

  28. Drink plenty of water - not only will you need to get up more often for refills, but you'll also need to get up for bathroom breaks

  29. Cook dinner at home rather than ordering in or sitting at a restaurant - all that moving and grooving in that kitchen adds up

  30. Use your ad breaks constructively! Ugh, ad breaks are the worst - make it a rule to get up in the ad breaks, whether it's to race to the loo and back before the ads finish, to quickly tidy the kitchen, or bust out a few sit-ups, those little spurts of activity will pay off in the long run!

Working out is great for you but sometimes real life happens and you can't make it to the gym. However, by building an active lifestyle, you'll be able to ensure that you get plenty of heart healthy, strengthening activity that will keep you fit and healthy for life.

What's your favourite "non-workout" way to stay active? Let me know in the comments.

Now, onto the Captain's Log for yesterday! P.S. if you're just joining us, I'm on a 90 day journey to transform my health and fitness and I'm bringing you with me!

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I promised yesterday that this breakfast would be different - and here it is! My delicious peanut butter and jam oatmeal.

This is so delicious, healthy and satisfying - it keeps me full until lunchtime and provides me with lots of energy to get through the morning.

Coffee was completely black this morning! I've been gradually weaning myself off having milk in my coffee and this day was a breakthrough.


I was at the salon getting my nails done so I quickly grabbed a sandwich from my local deli on the way home.

Okay, now I have to tell you: these sandwiches are literally the BEST tasting sandwiches in the world. They are so incredibly delicious they've been voted the Gold Coast's best sandwiches multiple times and I have to say, as a bit of a sandwich fanatic, this is no exaggeration.

They have shaved chicken breast, aioli, sundried tomato, onion, avocado, oakleaf lettuce, cheese and sweet chilli sauce and I have tried to replicate this on several occasions with no success. They are just heaven! And it's great to support a local business too.


It was another late worknight - luckily I had leftover burrito bowls from last night. OMG, these would have to be one of my favourite meals of all time.

(I'm afraid I forgot to snap a pic - so here's last night's original meal.)

I added a TONNE of the chicken and bean mixture to my dinner tonight. It's that time of the month and I've just been hangry for protein lately.

I also enjoyed a little glass of rose cider while I watched Bridgerton.

Dessert was my regular protein powder and yoghurt go-to - sometimes the simplest things are the best.


You guys! You'll never guess what happened!

I had eight hours'(!!) sleep on Wednesday night. It was divine!

I've had terrible insomnia the past week, and on Tuesday night I'd had just two hours of sleep after the sun came up. I had zero energy at all to work out on Wednesday.

Well, after a refreshing night's sleep on Wednesday, I was refreshed and ready to go on Thursday.

Since it is that time of months and my cramps are painful, jumping felt beyond me, but I did this awesome 30 minute low impact workout by Leslie Chazin which was so much fun and so amazing. It worked my total body and I got a good sweat on without aggravating my sore tummy.

It feels great to be back in action and I'm hopeful things are only going to get better from here.

That wraps up another day, my glam babies. Now let's huddle in for a quick motivation message.

Remember that every day is a new beginning.

What happened yesterday - the skipped workout, the whole packet of Oreos, whatever - that you feel derailed you?

It didn't.

It's in the past.

You get a fresh, brand new moment to decide again and to choose you, your goals, and your health.

We can't control what happens in the future and we can't undo our past.

But the beautiful thing about today is that it is ours for the seizing.

Success is just the product of choosing you consistently, over and over again, as often as you can. It's not measured by whether you fall down, but whether you get up again.

So what decision for your future self will you make today? How will you choose you?

Until tomorrow, my glam babies, keep shining bright.

- Rhi xo


Did you like this post? Will you use these tips to stay active in your day? If you want to bookmark them for easy reference, hover over the image below to pin it for future reference and share with us in the comments: which tip are you going to try?

Too busy, broke, or unmotivated to exercise?  Here's the good news: there are MYRIAD ways to move your body and get a sweat on throughout the day without trying to squeeze in an extra workout.  Try these great suggestions to live an active lifestyle every day. #fitness #fitnessgoals #healthylifestyle #weightloss