As I collapsed on the couch after a busy morning, my alarmed dinged to remind me – it was workout time. But I really didn’t feel like it, and after all, I’d trained for 5 days this week, and had a big swim planned the next morning – do I really need to work out every day?

I mean, you don’t HAVE to work out every day to see results, and you definitely need a rest day or two from your fitness program. But I’ve found there are certainly benefits to moving your body every day, regardless of what your fitness goals might be.

It builds a consistent habit

Making movement a habit is the easiest way to stay consistent and the surest way to make it something you stick to for life. It becomes just as much a part of your day as brushing your teeth or making a morning cuppa joe.

You don’t have to go for giant runs every morning, or lift heavy weights (in fact, you definitely need to take at least one break from intense training a week). But on your days “off”, rather than sitting on the couch, find a way to still be active.

You could:

  • Do a yoga class

  • Go for a long walk

  • Play a sport

  • Do an active hobby

  • Rope your girls into taking a dance class

  • Take the kids to the park for a game of family football

  • Go for a leisurely bike ride

  • Do some deep stretching

Angie Bellemare, one of my favourite YouTubers, has an amazing principle I follow: every day, either sweat or stretch.

It's not about getting in the gym every day and smashing it, it's about building the habit of getting in the gym, so it becomes second nature, rather than something you have to motivate yourself to do.

Show up to move your body consistently every single day, and you’ll build a lifelong habit that becomes ingrained in you. All of a sudden, you won’t need motivation – movement becomes a natural, almost unconscious part of your day.

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It’s good for you

It's estimated by the American Heart Association that only one in five adults get enough physical activity every day.

Most of us AREN’T high performance athletes who train 5+ hours a day – in fact, most of us spend a large number of our day sitting, so finding ways to stay active every day is important.

For most average adults, it’s recommended that you get a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week, spread across most if not all days of the week.

That works out to be 21 minutes of moderate physical activity a day – minimum. It’s certainly more beneficial if you can manage longer than this, but whatever you CAN do will make a difference to your health, so don’t stress and write it off altogether if you can’t find more than 20 minutes in your day.

It gives you daily energy

Exercise gives you such an amazing energy boost, improves your mood and concentration, makes your skin look youthful and glowy, and helps you sleep better. Why not reap those benefits every day?

All this to say: you don’t have to smash your gym program hard every day. In fact, taking a regular rest day from your program is important for proper muscle recovery and exercise performance.

Now of course, it goes without saying that if you're currently not doing ANY exercise, it's important to start small and build gradually, and of course, make sure you get checked out by a doctor and/or fitness professional first to make sure you're easing into physical activity safely.

BUUUT even if you don’t go to the gym, most of us should be aiming for 20+ minutes of moderate intensity movement every day. Whether you choose yoga, an evening walk, a game of sport in the park with your kids, or a fun dance class with your girlfriends, when you make a commitment to daily movement, you’ll build a habit that will keep you healthy for life.

Now, onto the Captain's Log for yesterday! P.S. if you're just joining us, I'm on a 90 day journey to transform my health and fitness and I'm bringing you with me!

You can catch up on Days 1 through 35 by scrolling to the "Related Articles" section at the bottom of this post.

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Breakfast today was the last of my prepped overnight oats, so to commemorate the occasion I jazzed this one up a bit with some berry YoPro. It took an already delicious breakfast over the top and made it AMAZING.


I had a workout planned later, so I topped up my energy stores with a mid-morning “pre-workout-ish” green smoothie with extra protein powder, a dash of cinnamon, and extra banana to give me a bit of boost before intense activity.

I am so addicted to these smoothies daily. If I don't have one, it feels like something's missing.

Want to give it a go yourself? Try the recipe:


Lunch today was the last of my chicken and mango salad bowls. I took it outside and had it out in the summer sunshine.

I filmed a story for Instagram, but unfortunately, forgot to snap a pic, so here’s one from the archives. Oops!

God, it’s filling. I couldn’t finish it all and put some away for later, because I always get hangry while waiting for dinner on Friday nights.


Late afternoon I was getting ravenous and knew I wouldn’t make it until dinner so I had some leftover chicken and mango salad on two Vita Wheats. I haven’t had Vita Wheats in FOREVER and they were just as amazing as I remember.


Sorry, team, this one was a bit off the record(ish) because I forgot to take a pic. I did well today.

Of course, it was pizza Friday and we ordered Domino’s. They come up with all these new fangled flavours, but hands down, their Supreme is always my favourite.

I had three or four slices while we watched this Friday’s movie: Yesterday. I’m a huge Beatles fan and I absolutely loved it. Have you seen it?

For dessert, we had some amazing low calorie chocolate mousse by Pauls – just 75 calories for the whole container. It really scratched that sweet chocolate itch.


Because I woke up early, I was able to jam pack not just one, but two workouts into my day today.

First thing in the morning, I did this old favourite by Kathy Smith – one of my favourites. It was a complete body workout – from hi-lo aerobics right through to posture exercises – in less than an hour.

I actually felt like I walked taller afterwards!

I had a bit of time at lunch, so I was able to squeeze in a barbell workout by Lift With Lars. It was AMAZING and let me tell you, I am sore today in the best way.

Well, that wraps us up for today, glam babies. Let’s huddle it in for the motivation message of today.

At the core of everything I teach is self love. Being kind to yourself, and giving yourself the best, because you know you deserve it.

But are you being "kind" to yourself, or are you being "nice"?

The two aren't the same.

Because sometimes, self love isn't rest, meditation and bubble baths. Sometimes, it's not about letting yourself off the hook.

Sometimes, self love is tough love.

Sometimes, it's parenting yourself to do the things you don't want to do.

It's loving yourself enough to say:

  • "I know you've been busy, and the house is a mess. There are no clean dishes, and the floor is crunchy. Pick up a mop and a sponge and prioritise it today."

  • "I know the gym intimidates you, and you're paying for membership, you haven't been for weeks, and you have big fitness goals. So, put on your gym gear, right now, and walk out that front door."

  • I know you're tired because you worked late tonight. And you and your family are hungry, need groceries, and deserve a healthy meal instead of takeaway. So, grab your shopping bags and get it over with."

Sometimes, there is a need for softness, and compassion, and letting things slide. And sometimes, the most loving thing you can do for yourself is hold yourself up to the standard, and show yourself what you're capable of, even on the hard days.

Those moments of tough self love are your greatest opportunities for self empowerment.

Until tomorrow, keep shining bright.

- xo Rhi

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