Can we have some real talk today?

Today it feels hard to write because I'm still slugging through this plateau.

I mean, the thrill of starting a workout and healthy eating program and seeing just HUGE progress has been so motivating.

When I could notice how much my cardiovascular endurance was increasing and how much stronger I was getting and how much body composition progress I was making (like, my clothes were fitting better by the day) - it was SO motivating.

And now all of that has slowed to a halt and it's really ... honestly, demotivating.

Yesterday I could hardly make it through my workout without almost puking. And I mean, yeah it was a hard workout but I shouldn't have felt so awful afterwards.

And today at the beach, I actually got tired of swimming after 40 minutes. Me. Tired of swimming.

I feel like something's not working and I'm trying to work out what that something is. In my most recent posts I've given some theories:

  • not eating enough calories;

  • not being more "incidentally active" in the day

... and I know how to get past both of those things but the day to day stuff still gets in the way and every day has just been a groundhog day of trying to do it all.

And it's exhausting.

Anyway, all this to say - if you're in the same boat on your fitness journey, I want you to know that it's normal.

It's normal for progress to slow and stagnate. And it's normal to feel unmotivated by it.

I'm going through it too - even though I have a huge "WHY" and a huge drive to see this goal through.

So let's both you and I, right now, make a pact: that we're going to get through this, we're not going to give up and we're going to keep going.

We're going to remember that we're doing this to live in healthier, fitter bodies: and with every healthy meal, and every workout we show up for, we're one step closer, even though we can't see it yet.

I know we've got this.

So let's do it together.

Now onto the daily logs for the past 3 days. I've been slack with my daily logs and I think that's correlated to this plateau slump I've been in.

We'll get through it.

By the way, if you're just joining me here on Day 50, for a bit of context, after a recent health scare, I'm on a mission to turn my life around and get into the best shape of my life.

I've been down this fitness road before, but this time I'm determined to do it from a place of self love, with no restriction, guilt or crazy diet rules.

You can catch up on journeys 1 through 49 by clicking the 'related posts' at the bottom of this one, and if you'd like to come with me on a fitness journey (and get an amazing FREE bundle of the fitness resources that have helped me lose 12 cm so far), click HERE and get your hands on all the goodness.

Friday's Nutrition


Well, d'oh, we're off to a great start, because I forgot to take a photo of breakfast. I did take a video of it, though, to post on my Instagram Stories, so if you're following me on Instagram you will have seen it. Ah well.

It was the same as yesterday - two Weet Bix with coconut sugar and 1/4 cup of skim milk.

Morning Tea

Morning tea was one of our beautiful fruitless hot cross buns. I feel like these could be a new addiction. Well, hey, Easter only comes but once a year.


It was a working lunch this day, so I grabbed a quick sandwich from my favourite deli. These badboys are honestly my favourite lunch in the world. It's chicken, cheese, sundried tomato, red onion, avocado, aioli and sweet chilli sauce and oh ... my ... God.

There's a reason they're award winning sandwiches, let me tell you.


Dinner was Pizza Friyay, so of course I enjoyed some Domino's Supreme with a glass of wine on the side. Except ... here's the weird thing ... I'm just not into alcohol like I used to be.

Lately I've just not been feeling like it at all. Lost my taste for it completely. Currently exploring some non-alcoholic alternatives ... does anybody know a good non-alcoholic Australian red wine (that doesn't taste like grape juice)?


So at the moment I'm on a mission to watch all the superhero movies (DCU and MCU) in historical chronology, because I am, quite apparently, a nerd.

Anyhoo, this night I started at the beginning with Wonder Woman and movie snacks were most certainly in order. I started with a bag of this Cob's sweet and salty popcorn (only 63 calories for the bag).

Afterwards, I had just one of these churros from Domino's (about 100 calories). Listen, they're no Disneyland churro but they still hit a spot.

Friday's Workout

Friday's workout was SO fun - it was the Richard Simmons' Broadway Blast Off workout, which is a dance workout set to music from musicals like The Sound of Music.

For someone who's always wanted to star in Hello Dolly, getting to dance to the titular song was a treat. I'd rate it as beginner friendly to moderate, and it's only 30 minutes long, so perfect if you're looking for something lighter and you're short on time.

Saturday's Nutrition

Saturday's nutrition was a bit chaotic. It always is on Saturdays for some reason.

And it's not even so much what I eat on Saturdays (and I don't believe in food restriction anyway), it's more that I often don't eat until lunch, then I have a late dinner and I tend to overeat.

Does anyone else struggle with maintaining their healthy eating on weekends?

Anyhoo, here's how it went down.


You know, I almost NEVER feel like a savoury breakfast but this day I really did. I had pastrami, pickles and a scrambled egg on multigrain toast and it was divine.

Took seconds to make too (I cheat and cook my egg in the microwave).


Soooo like I prefaced above lunch didn't really happen, because breakfast happened at around lunchtime. I really need to get my shit together when it comes to Saturdays.

Dinner tonight was 4 pieces of leftover Supreme pizza with a glass of red wine on the side (which I didn't finish.

Like, why is red wine making me nauseous and headachy all of a sudden? I can't tolerate it at all. And no, lol, definitely NOT pregnant.)


For dessert tonight I had a packet of Cob's sweet and salty popcorn to watch with tonight's movie (Captain America: The First Avenger). Afterwards Greg and I each had a hot cross bun.

I tried to eat a churro but couldn't - think dinner got a bit too doughy!!! Bit of a carb overload!

Saturday's Workout

Today's workout was not for the faint of heart (literally, because it would probably kill you). It was Kathy Smith's Ultimate Fitness and it was INTENSE.

I mean, even Greg (who's quite fit) was watching the stretching routine going "Whoa. That is FAST."

I thought the stretch was the warm up - but it was actually just the initial stretch. I finished it and said to Greg, "Well, that was an intense warmup" and then Kathy Smith cheerfully suggested, "And now let's start the warm up".

Wait ... what?

What followed was a high intensity plyometric sequence that I was gasping for breath by the end of.

Literally one of the hardest workouts I've ever done. I mean, listen, it was a great workout.

It will get you FIT!!!

But it's not for beginners. I think it would be quite challenging even at intermediate level.

However, if you're looking for that next level with your workout, I recommend it. Just make sure you do your own warm up and stretch before you press play on the video, so you don't injure or strain a muscle.

Well, my beautiful glam babies, that wraps us up for another day. I'm going to go and enjoy the rest of Sunday afternoon with my love.

I hope wherever you are it's been a beautiful weekend full of sunshine and making wonderful memories.

Until tomorrow, keep shining bright.

- xo, Rhi

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