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A magic life is a beautiful life. Do you remember believing in fairies as a kid?

Remember when, with just your imagination, you could make the world whatever you wanted it to be? Remember the wonder with which you explored your world?

All of us can enjoy the beauty of a magical life: even effortlessly so.

A magical life isn’t just for witches and it’s not just about casting spells. Rather, it’s about appreciating the beauty of your aliveness with childlike wonder, embracing the natural ebb and flow of the seasons and planets, and harmonious connection with the abundant gifts of nature.

Here’s how.

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#1.. WATCH A SUNRISE/SUNSET | Notice every colour. Feel the change in temperature on your skin. Listen to the calls of birds, the sounds of nature. In both dawn and twilight there is sacred magic: the rebirth of the world or its gentle retreat into shadow.

#2.. STARE UP AT THE NIGHT SKY | The soaring constellations of the galaxies paint the infinite ceiling of my cathedral: I love the night sky. Here is true magic: to stare up at the stars and contemplate the boundless nature of the universe and of our place in it. To bathe in the light of the moon or to stand shrouded in the darkness with only the light of the stars to guide you. And then there is the connection to our ancestors. Since humans first came to be, we have stared in wonder and contemplation and fascination up at the night sky and felt an inexplicable connection to it: a coming home.

#3.. START A GRATITUDE JOURNAL | A truly magical life begins when you realise it’s a miracle that you’re even here experiencing this moment. The fact our very human race exists is almost statistically impossible, yet here we are. Everything on top of that isn’t just a miracle, it’s magical too. The most beautiful part about gratitude is that what you bless, multiplies. Keeping a daily gratitude journal doesn’t just benefit you as you write it. Any time you need reminding about life’s beauty, you have a book of blessings to look through.

#4.. CREATE A THING OF BEAUTY | The act of creating – painting, drawing, crafting, sculpting – connects us to divine creation energy. That same creation energy is what creates our reality.

#5.. KEEP LUCKY CHARMS | Dream catchers to ensure your dreams are sweet. A special mug to drink from every day. Trinkets from friends and family (especially from children) are imbued with the blessing of their love. Keep them close for luck.

#6.. COME BACK TO YOUR BREATH | The simple act of connecting with your breath is one of the most basic yet powerful forms of magic. Our breath is the very essence and force of our lives; it unites us all. There are breathing techniques for every purpose. From energising breath of fire, to nadi shodhan (alternate nostril breathing) to relieve anxiety and stress, connecting with your breath can be a spiritual practice itself.

#7.. TREAT YOURSELF LIKE THE GODDESS YOU ARE | Nourish your body with nutritious food – and indulge in whatever you want guilt free. Wear clothing that feels good. Wear your hair how you want and develop your own unique personal style. Indulge in self care as often as you can. Choose yummy smelling body washes and body butters in your favourite scent. Wear perfume that makes you feel sexy. Buy yourself flowers. Take naps whenever you can. Treat yourself with loving kindness when you’ve had a bad day. Write yourself love letters. Give yourself a mani/pedi. Drink plenty of water. Take yourself on dates. Walk barefoot on the grass. Buy the shoes. Honour yourself as the divine being you are.

#8.. BURN NAG CHAMPA INCENSE An intoxicating blend of florals and sandalwood, Nag Champa has a deeply calming, grounding and at the same time uplifting scent. It is used to expand spiritual awareness and cleanse the area in a space. This makes it especially useful when you need to “clean the air” if you’ve had bad juju around, after a stressful day at work or even as a nice finishing touch when you’ve cleaned your house.

#9.. LIGHT UP SOME CANDLES | The shift in energy you can create in a room simply by lighting a candle can be massive. Lighting candles in a space can instantly create an ambient, romantic, calming or energising mood. You can amplify this even more by using aromatherapy candles. Lighting a sandalwood, lavender or rose candle in the bedroom can create a romantic mood and aid restful sleep (just make sure you don’t fall asleep with it burning), whilst lighting a citrus or peppermint candle first thing in the morning or in your office can pep up your energy level for the day.

#10.. WEAR BLACK OR PURPLE | Black, because it draws in and concentrates energy and light. This makes it a powerful colour for psychic awareness, magic work or extra power. On a bonus style note, it’s also a “magic” colour purely for its practicality in a wardrobe. It doesn’t stain, it never goes out of style, it suits everybody, it goes with everything and we all agree the most magic thing in a woman’s closet is an LBD. Similarly, purple is the colour for psychic intuition and awareness and has always had connotations with spirituality, mystery, magic and royalty.

#11.. WEAR A CRYSTAL OR STONE AROUND YOUR NECK | Have a small collection depending on the energy you most need to carry with you. For example, carry rose quartz for love and harmony, tiger’s eye for protection, or amethyst for heightened psychic awareness.

#12.. BE OPEN TO THE POSSIBILITY OF MIRACLES | Start with affirmations: “I am willing to open my eyes to miracles”. Remember that you – the existence of you, in your form – in yourself are a miracle. Practice surrender. Be a miracle to others.

#13.. PLAY WITH CHILDREN & CONNECT WITH YOUR INNER CHILD | We are born believing in magic. It is in our nature and we only lose it over time with societal conditioning. Children are the most incredible teachers of magic. When my 3-year-old niece pretends to be Moana, she imagines that the rolling green hills of my paddocks are the blue rolling swells of the ocean. (I think in the game I might be Hei Hei the rooster). Her imagination is contagious and inspires me to connect to my own so that I can relate to her. In doing so, I’m suddenly reminded of the universe’s infinite possibility. Draw, colour, build forts, play pirates and rediscover the magic you were born with.

#14.. MAKE AN ALTAR IN YOUR HOME AND DECORATE ACCORDING TO THE SEASONS | Create a table in your home with items that are sacred to you. Perhaps you could have a statue of the Mother Mary, or of Buddha, candles, crystals, or little curios you picked up on a nature walk. Decorate it seasonally. Use pine cones and holly for winter; crunchy golden leaves and pumpkins for autumn/fall, the first flowers, candied egg shells and bunny statues for spring and fresh straw for summer.

#15.. BRING NATURE INDOORS | Whether you have a kitchen windowsill herb garden, a potted plant by your front door, fresh flowers on your coffee table or creek rocks decorating your altar, bringing nature inside the home instantly lifts the vibration of the space and infuses it with life and energy. Plus, it always catches the eye.

#16.. LET THE FRESH AIR AND LIGHT IN | All year round, if you can. On cold and bright winter mornings, my roommate would walk around flinging open every window and door to let the sun in. The glorious winter sun poured in, unfettered, a lamp of warmth and light. To my surprise, the house warmed up so quickly. Keeping all the doors and windows closed traps energy – good and bad, causes it to stagnate and blocks it from flowing freely. Opening all the windows and doors spreads your good energy like warm sunshine into the universe and lets the bad energy out. It’s the fastest way to freshen up and “fake” a clean home - poof! just like magic.

#17.. USE FUCK OFF SPRAY | love to spray Fuck Off Spray when my energy’s been low, if I’ve had a negative conversation, if I feel “sucked” by an energy vampire, or if I just feel like there’s some bad juju in the house (sometimes you can pick up “energy viruses” – I need to blog about this later). Ringing a bell, banging loudly on saucepans as you move from room to room yelling “FUCK OFF” may make you seem like a crazy person to the neighbours, but can also give bad energy/spirits the message that you mean business and it’s time to move on.

#18.. BURN SOME SAGE | In the alternative, get some sage incense or a smudging stick to clear, protect and cleanse the energy in a home. As you light the candle, don’t forget to thank the sage for its protection.

#19.. PREVENT THE GOOD ENERGY FROM ESCAPING | I love incorporating feng shui principles into my home to stimulate the flow of energy, bring in good luck and dispel bad luck. Get rid of clutter, keep your toilet lid down (apparently leaving the lid up allows money and energy to “drain” out), fix dripping taps (the good luck is dripping away) and fix or discard what is broken.

#20.. CLEAN YOUR FRONT DOORS AND WINDOWS | On related note, the idea is that, apart from being more hygienic, a clean front door and clean windows allow love, money and light to flow more easily into your home.

#21.. GET A HIMALAYAN SALT LAMP | As well as gently emitting a soft, pink ambient light which relaxes and soothes right before bed, Himalayan salt lamps are air purifiers, emitting negative ions. They can help with asthma and allergies, and neutralise electromagnetic radiation (great if you can’t live without your devices/TV in the room). I sleep a lot better with mine.

#22.. WAKE UP WITH THE SUN | That first hour of sunlight is truly magical. The whole world feels so fresh and new. You are up with the birds, and being reborn along with the whole world, with an air of newness and oneness with nature that makes your whole body feel alive. Plus, getting up earlier means you have so much more time for activities. You can make a kickass breakfast, or welcome the new day and honour the sun with some sun salutations.

#23.. TALK TO YOUR PLANTS | It used to be an old wives’ tale that talking to your plants make them grow faster, but now there are some interesting studies which suggest that plants actually do respond to soundwaves. After all – plants are living, energetic beings. They also like to be played music – heavy metal seems to be a particular favourite.

#24.. MAKE YOUR OWN POTIONS | My husband calls my tea concoctions my “witch’s brews” – I have a large tea chest full of herbs and each different herb is labelled with its uses, its benefits and its contraindications (i.e. when it shouldn’t be used). Taped to the inside are a variety of recipes for different tea blends: one for beauty, one for sleep, one for fertility, one for upset stomachs, one for flus, one for digestion, one for cleansing, one for stress. I love to come up with the perfect tea blend for whatever is going on in our home at the time, with each one maybe saying a prayer for the person I’m making it for, to infuse it with extra intention and healing power. And yes… margaritas TOTALLY count as potions. They confirmed it in Practical Magic.

#25.. MAKE WISHES ON DANDELIONS | … and shooting stars … and double rainbows… and curly Doritos… and the rainbow Fruit Tingles … and fallen eyelashes …

#26.. MAKE YOUR COOKING MAGICAL | When you cook a meal, pray over/bless it with love and ask that it nourish you and the people you’re cooking it for. This is especially powerful when you make a meal for a special occasion, such as a wedding or a Valentine’s meal, or when you make a hot soup for someone who is sick. You could also visualise adding sweetness to your day as you stir sugar into your coffee. Remember, how you stir makes a difference to the intention: stir clockwise to bless, gain or attract something and stir counter-clockwise to banish or repel something.

#27.. PLANT LAVENDER NEXT TO YOUR GARDEN GATE | It’s good juju, keeps the bad energy out, and is potent for healing, restful sleep and luurrve.


#29.. KEEP TRACK OF YOUR MENSTRUAL CYCLE, YOUR SLEEP AND HOW THE PHASES OF THE MOON AFFECT YOUR BODY AND MOODS. In ancient/tribal traditions, women typically ovulated around the full moon, and menstruated with the new/dark moon (a woman’s healthy cycle is 28 days, as is a full lunar cycle – coincidence? I think not). This is why the moon has always been associated with the divine feminine, magic and intuitive wisdom. Keep a diary and observe how you feel at each moon phase and what’s going on within your body. When in the moon cycle does your energy peak and trough? How do your libido levels rise and fall? Do you feel agitated, restless, or super energetic around a full moon? Where are you in your cycle? How do you sleep?

#30.. MAKE YOUR OWN NATURAL BEAUTY AND COSMETIC PRODUCTS | Infuse each one with a little blessing or prayer for youthful skin, long hair or the ability to let your inner beauty shine through. Added bonus: far less exposure to toxic chemicals this way and it can be cheaper. I love to use vinegar as a hair conditioner and detangler, witch hazel as a toner and olive oil with added essential oils as a luxurious body lotion.

#31.. STAND AND BATHE IN THE LIGHT OF THE FULL MOON The beautiful, cool silver light of a full moon just feels good to stand in. Go outside the night of a full moon after 8 pm and stand or lie underneath it, feeling its soft healing glow on your skin (you can dance under it if you feel so inclined, but that’s totally optional). No, you don’t have to be naked (aka “skyclad”, unless you want to be) – but do wear white, if you can. Sensitive or empathic souls will soon feel the subtle yet powerful shifts created within them as they bathe in the moonlight. Moonlight purifies energy, cleanses and heals chakras, help to regulate the menstrual cycle, helps to alleviate stress and calm the nervous system, triggers the release of melatonin for restful sleep and can even stimulate and increase fertility.

#32.. KEEP A DREAM DIARY | Whether you see them as divine messages or powerful messages from your subconscious, dreams can be both potent indicators of what is going on for us internally, predictors of what has yet to come to pass and vessels of inner wisdom and intuition that we often ignore or suppress in waking hours. Keeping a little journal and pen by your bed to write your dreams as soon as you wake up, before you forget them, can help you to remember them and decode the messages within. A dream decoder can help you clarify the meaning behind the prominent symbols and features of your dream and connect you with a deeper understanding of your subconscious.

#33.. KEEP TWO SPECIAL CANDLES - ONE WHITE AND ONE BLACK - ON YOUR ALTAR | Light the white candle on the full moon and the black candle on the dark/new moon. This is a subtle, special, quiet way to honour the moon cycles and your own divine femininity and honour two sacred times in the lunar month: the new moon for new beginnings, drawing inward, being present with the shadow; the full moon for energy, strength, divine feminine power, creative flow and the fulfillment of your intentions.

#34.. KEEP A ROLLER BALL OF PEPPERMINT OIL IN YOUR PURSE | It alleviates nausea, can help pep you up if you’re feeling fatigued, helps to repel mosquitoes in a pinch (and can take away the itch of a bite), soothes cold and flu symptoms, reduces hunger cravings, improves mental focus and clarity, and applied to your temples can relieve a headache. I don’t leave the house without a roller ball of peppermint oil in my handbag.

#35.. CLEANSE THE THINGS YOU WANT TO BLESS IN THE LIGHT OF THE FULL MOON | This practice is not just limited to crystals. You can also bless special household items, tools used in ritual, or potted herbs that you intend to use for healing. Place them in a place outside where they will be exposed to the light of the full moon. As you do so, set your intention for that item and ask your higher power to bless it in its purpose.

#36.. MAKE YOUR OWN TAROT/ORACLE/AFFIRMATION CARDS | I love and have a special relationship with my oracle cards and affirmation cards. Creating your own deck with intention, using symbols, characters and colours that have a deep meaning for you, creates a special bond with your cards which infuses them with added power and significance.

#37.. USE COLOR MAGIC | Colour is exceptionally powerful in creating a mood in a space when used in decor, or invoking a mood in yourself when you adorn yourself with it. Some examples: red for passion, pink for love, green for abundance, or yellow for happiness. Be aware, though, that each colour can have multiple meanings so use wisely and honour the energy with which it is used: red is a colour of passion, but also of anger and luck, for example. Green is a colour of abundance, but also of fertility and new life.

#38.. USE AROMATHERAPY | In much the same way as colour magic, our sense of smell is magically powerful. Isn’t it amazing that you can smell a particular scent you haven’t smelled in over 10 years, and that very same second are instantly transported back to a vivid recollection of the memory of the time you smelled it last? This magic can be used to our advantage through aromatherapy. From invoking a certain energy or mood to powerful healing properties, aromatherapy has a variety of magical uses.

For example, lavender can be used as an aphrodisiac and also as a sedative, to aid with sleep and heal a cold. Lemon or citrus can be used to pep up your spirits and give you an instant energy boost, and it can also be used to boost the immune system and alleviate headaches. There are a variety of ways to incorporate aromatherapy into your life – you could use an essential oil diffuser, or an oil burner, or aromatherapy candles – personally I find one of the most powerful and wonderful ways to use aromatherapy is to make up my own perfumes and body sprays using essential oils for a truly unique, earthy and magical scent.

#39.. WATCH MOVIES/LISTEN TO MUSIC THAT PROVIDE A SENSE OF INSPIRATION AND WONDER | Part of believing that magic is all around you is filling your senses with inspiration to look beyond the ordinary. Watch animated movies – like Disney movies. Or, watch your favourite kids’ movies from your own childhood, the ones that had you in the backyard re-enacting them. Watch magical movies (Practical Magic, Harry Potter and Matilda are among my favourites). I love to watch movies with spiritual lessons (Bruce Almighty, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty). I also get a lot of inspiration from watching musicals (they’re a little bit magical) (La La Land, Phantom of the Opera). And speaking of music: it’s magic for the senses. I like to crank some ethereal soundtracks like Edward Scissorhands or The Tudors, or a bit of Fleetwood Mac or Credence Clearwater Revival when I need an extra magic boost.

Whether you’re looking to raise your vibration and reconnect with your divine creative energy, or a witch who is short on time, I hope these tips help you infuse your life with a little more magic, a little more wonder and a lot more miracles.

Let’s keep chatting in the comments: how do you like to make your days more magical?

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