Desperation reeks. It’s as true in the dating world as it is to the Universe. Just sayin’.

In all seriousness, the moment that we stop vibrating in lack of something, we manifest it. When we surrender and let go, secure in the knowledge that it is already ours, it shows up.

That is what the law of attraction principle “act as if” means.

It’s the assumption that to remove lack, you act as if you already have it.

Some people view this as a fun manifestation game.

Now yes, the Universe loves playfulness and games but a line gets blurred.

The Universe has a fantastic inbuilt bullshit detector. It knows when you’re faking, or paying it lip service, when in reality, you’re shit scared that it’s not manifesting.

I’ve seen this play out in all kinds of ways.

I’ve heard stories of people who spent irresponsibly even though they were financially drowning because they were “acting as if” they were rich. I read a news article about a lady who wanted to win a lottery home, so she had all her mail directed there. I’m sure it created headaches when she didn’t win.

I’m going to show you an even more powerful approach to take when it comes to “acting as if” that is going to get you into alignment so that you can manifest the love, health, business and life you crave. Here’s the real way to “act as if”.

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So why doesn’t traditional “acting as if” work?

Because the whole phrase still implies a lack of it in your current experience.

Think about why you want to manifest something – let’s use the lady with the lottery house as an example.

You don’t want to manifest “the house” as such. What you truly want is the feeling you perceive that you will have when you have it.

What you’re actually deeply yearning for and craving is to come home to who you truly are. You see whatever you want to manifest as the vehicle to get you there.

And that’s why we have the “I’ll be happy whens” – we think that we’ll be happy ONCE we manifest the house, or the car, or the boyfriend, or the wedding ring, or the baby, or the career, or the money.

But in fact, we see those things as vehicles toward what we truly want: having permission to be who we are.

But the reality is that it doesn’t have to take winning anything, getting anything or even being someone else. All you have to do is re-learn to be yourself.

Manifesting isn’t about who you ACT as if you are, what you get, or what you think.

It’s about who you BE.

It’s about thinking about the person you think you will BE when you have the thing you want to manifest, and choosing to be THAT PERSON in the present moment, knowing that that is the truest expression of you.

You see the thing you want to manifest as the key, the permission slip to finally BE who you want to be. But you can access that “beingness” now.

And the paradox is that when you do, you will come fully into alignment with everything you crave. Here’s how.

Step 1: Connect to the you in the future who has manifested what you want

Take out pen and paper and write down the qualities of the you in the future who already has everything you want.

Remember that linear time is a construct of human consciousness. It does not truly exist.

The gap in who we are and who we will be and what we want is simply an illusion.

You can access that BEINGNESS in the present moment.

  • How does this you in the future act?

  • What does she believe to be true?

  • What would she do in your current reality?

  • How would she show up for what you want to experience?

  • Where are you not showing up fully for that vision of yourself?

  • What would your ideal self do differently?

Step Two: Bring those imagined future qualities into your current experience

Bring that beingness and that awareness into your present reality. Instead of pretending the debt isn’t there, or the loneliness isn’t there, think about how your future self would handle your current experience.

How would your wildly wealthy self address debt? Would she get deeper into debt pretending it didn’t exist, or would she create a smart, sustainable plan to get herself financially independent and execute that plan daily?

How would your fittest, healthiest self feel about her body? Would she punish it, hate it, say negative things about it, or binge eat Doritos?

Or would she feel confident in her skin, love the hell out of her body, dress in clothes that make her feel like a rockstar, nourish herself with healthy food and show up daily for her workouts?

How would your badass CEO self grow her business? Would she sweat over vanity metrics, or every post on social media?

Would she only show up for work when she found the time? Or would she make it her number one priority, prioritise slow and consistent growth, and put in the hours?

Who you are being is a CHOICE: it is not a choice encumbent on ANY external factors. It is encumbent on YOU.

If you want to be the badass CEO, the fit health nut, or the wildly wealthy woman, but you’re waiting for things to change first, you’ve got it ALL backwards.

The only way to become any one of those things is to choose to show up for that reality RIGHT NOW and do the do NOW. Start with what you have.

It takes a commitment to being the best you can be and holding yourself to the highest standard IN THE PRESENT MOMENT.

It’s about changing your INNER reality FIRST and making THAT your core focus, with complete faith and trust that your outer reality will follow in time.

It’s about knowing who you truly ARE at heart. If you desire to be a wealthy, fit badass CEO who is married to the spouse of your dreams, you ARE that person already, deep down. Now it’s about showing up for her.

The reality you have now is the reality you showed up for in the past. If you want to change your reality, you simply MUST change how you show up.

The other day I was watching Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada and quite honestly it was impossible to tell where Meryl Streep ended and Miranda Priestly began. She simply WAS Miranda Priestly. She WAS the editor of Runway magazine. Anyone who’s seen that movie will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Meryl Streep was so believable in her role that Miranda Priestly manifested into being her own entity, character and consciousness. She’s an entity of the ultimate bosslady, part of the zeitgeist.

Tom Hanks is another actor who absolutely EMBODIES the character he’s playing. In his acceptance of the Cecil B DeMille award, he talks about how a good actor is willing to go there.

He’s willing to lose himself in the part and open himself up FULLY – mind, body and soul – in that experience. This quote is an excerpt of his speech from the 2020 Golden Globes. It applies specifically to acting, but think about it applied to manifestation and prepare to have your mind blown:

“It’s not just your lines, it’s the whole thing. It’s the red dot. It’s the theme of the movie. You’ve got to know it. You might not be right in the opinion that you bring to it, but you’ve got to come at it with some direction ... showing up on time is one of the greatest liberating acts you can give yourself in a movie. That means those people with radios in the ears don’t need to knock on your door and say they’re ready for you. You’re actually already ready. And you have the liberty and you have the freedom of being there early enough to settle down because when the time comes you have to hit the marks and you have to go there.” — Tom Hanks, 2020 Golden Globes

Permit me, if you will, to take poetic liberty with that speech and apply it to a manifestation context.

It’s not just what you say, or what you do. It’s being present. It’s embodying the qualities of the future you want to experience. It’s living in that essence.

You have to know your outcome, inside out. Your approach might be off, but that’s okay. You have to approach your desire with direction and momentum.

You have to show up for your future already carrying the mindset and energy that aligns with what you want. You’re already ready for it. You take your manifestation in strides.

Because when your future arrives - and it will - if you want it to be the future you dream about, you have to be a match for it and be willing to show up for it.

If you want to change your reality, you MUST show up for that reality and be willing to GO THERE, 110%.

It’s not about doing the weird stuff like wearing an engagement ring when you’re single, or forwarding your mail to the house you want to live in, or spending $1000s on shoes because you want to be rich. It’s about showing up for your reality and being willing to do what it takes, being willing to go there, being willing to collapse time YOURSELF (not waiting for the Universe) to BE the person who already has what you want to manifest.

When you’re acting as if, you’re emphasising the fact that you’re not there right now and still hiding in lack disguised as being in alignment. But when you’re BEING as if, fully integrated, secure in the knowing that you can BE the person you dream of being even while reality is catching up – the Universe simply must shift to meet that frequency.

Step Three: Have fun with it

Now you can do the fun stuff. When you’ve taken care of the being, the rest comes naturally.

How would your wealthy, fit, badass self dress? What does her morning routine look like? How does she speak to and about herself and others? What are her standards?

When she looks at your reality, how does she manage it? Does she cower, is she self critical, does she shy away from what needs to be done? Or does she love and accept herself, own her shit, and then do something about it?

All of this takes time, practice, and a whole lot of self love and self reflection. The more that you can step into the BEING in the present moment, the faster your outer reality will catch up. I trust that this post gave new enlightening insight into a way of acting as if that doesn’t feel forced and fake because it’s simply a process of becoming more of who you truly are. It doesn’t require superstition, or acting irresponsibly. It simply requires you to show up for the person you know you were born to be.

Now I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Share with me in one word the quality you see your future dream self embodying and how you can bring that into the present moment. THE EDIT//shop the story

Uncommon Type - Tom Hanks Super Attractor - Gabby Bernstein The Devil Wears Prada The As If Principle - Richard Wiseman


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