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Unblock and get out of your own way so that you can step forward with self love into your happily ever after.

Are you doing All The Things to try and manifest?

  • The vision boards …

  • The 5 x 55 …

  • The constant visualizing …

  • The “thinking positive” …

  • The affirmations …

and feel like NOTHING is shifting?

Take a deep breath and put down the vision board for a second. What if I told you that you can throw out the vision board, stop saying affirmations that feel fake and forced, and not feel like the sky is going to fall down because you feel like crap after a bad day ... and finally manifest everything you ever dreamed of?

Warning Signs You’re Probably Not Manifesting Properly …

  • You have “positive thinking” burnout

  • Trying to manifest something feels like a full time job

  • You know you are meant for more in this life - that you have a great purpose to share with the world - but you feel endlessly caught up in the day to day grind

  • Even though you're trying to stay positive there's a feeling deep down inside that maybe it's not coming through because you're not worthy of having it or there is some roster of tasks (another course, another workout plan, another soul healing) that you need to complete first before the universe will give it to you

  • Just when it looks like your manifestation is coming through for you it falls apart at the last minute

  • You manifest something, like money, for example but as quickly as it shows up it disappears again (like you manifest $1,000 but then your car breaks down and chews up the entire amount … and then some).

Imagine a life where …

  • Your desires flowed to you as effortlessly as setting your intention

  • Manifestation didn’t feel hokey, forced, inauthentic, or cheesy

  • You felt free to be authentically, unapologetically yourself

  • People, opportunities, and good luck seem to be magnetized to you wherever you go

  • You had the financial freedom to buy, do, go, have, or be anywhere you wanted, take care of your loved ones for life, and help out your community. (Seriously. Can you imagine?!)

  • You had a deep, intimate, and sizzling relationship with your soul mate

  • You lived a life where fear, self sabotage and limitations didn’t hold you back

  • You woke up every morning feeling blessed, grateful, and excited for the day

  • You were living a life of passion and purpose on YOUR terms, doing what you always dreamed of doing

  • You had a living space that reflected your authentic heart

Here’s how I can help …

Hi there, beautiful!

I’m Rhiannon Day, Manifestation Strategist.

I blend science and spirituality to empower women to consciously create their lives by harnessing the power of their subconscious mind so that they can align their reality with their highest desires for their finances, careers, health, and relationships.   

I specialise in using neuro-linguistic programming, mindset coaching, and deep relaxation tools to unblock limiting beliefs around what I’ve found is everyone’s deepest fear: and that is the fear of unworthiness.  This then frees you to raise your vibration, form new neural pathways for empowering beliefs that serve you, and then expand into the energy of your desires to discover a free and happy life by design.


Here’s how it’s done

  • Once per week: 45 minute 1:1 transformational guidance sessions to align you with your desires and unblock your energy

  • Once per month: 90 minute manifestation strategy session, where I share the daily manifestation strategies that actually WORK and which get you into flow so that your desires flow to you easily

  • A personalized manifestation strategy customized specially for your own energetics, current level of alignment, goals, and lifestyle

  • Workbooks, guided meditations, subconscious programming, and other tools to supercharge your manifestation energy

  • Access to any product I release during our coaching relationship

  • Unlimited email support

You’ll receive a personalized manifestation formula and guidance and support through the inner subconscious transformation work that will help you to become an unstoppable magnetic force the Universe will move mountains for (and we’ll have a lot of fun on the way)!

Yes, please, Rhiannon! Show me how to become my most magnetic self!

As a result of our work together, my clients …

  • Align their reality with their highest desires for their careers, abundance, wellbeing and relationships

  • Fall wildly in love with their authentic selves and feel free to go after what they truly need for fulfillment and happiness

  • Experience greater confidence, freedom, and satisfaction, which allows them to unapologetically soar

  • Take natural, free flowing action toward the life of their dreams, without it feeling like hustle and grind

  • Gain crystal clarity on who they are, their purpose in life, and what they need to do

  • Learn to access the ability to listen to their inner guide and access their divine wisdom within to make decisions that support their growth.

Are we the right fit?


I think on a hypothetical level everyone can benefit from a coach BUT I don’t think coaching is for everyone.  The people who benefit from my program are people who are truly – I mean, TRULY – committed to their growth and their dreams.

Please only apply to work with me 1:1 if:

  • You are starving hungry for growth and change and the results that being a magnetic manifestor will bring

  • You are committed to expansion, being stretched, and doing the inner and outer work to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be

  • You are fully and totally committed to playing at 100% within and between the sessions

  • You are open to and interested in manifestation and developing your own intuition and ability to listen to your inner voice

  • You have a willingness to dive deep and become more self aware

Know that I am 100% here for you to support you, hold space for you, and have your back like a boss.  I cannot do the push ups for you (I would if I could!) but I believe with every fibre of my being in your ability to do them!  I will be with you every step of the way to mentor, support, and guide you through your transition into your dream life.

Does this sound like you?  We’re a match made in heaven.



How do I sign up and schedule sessions?

Click the button at the bottom to be taken to the application page.  If I feel like we’re a fit, I’ll email to book your discovery session.  When I’ve got you all signed up, I’ll give you a special link to my scheduling calendar so you can book in your sessions thereafter.

What days are you available for coaching?

I currently have space in my calendar for bookings on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. I am happy to discuss alternate arrangements by request.

How often can I schedule sessions?

Each week for three weeks, we do a 45 transformational guidance session, to help to unblock what’s holding you back, check in with what’s been working for you, and set a framework for the week ahead.

Each month that we work together, we have a 90 minute manifestation strategy session, where I provide you with a new manifestation tool to add to your strategy to supercharge your vibration and your mindset.

But the value doesn’t stop in session. In the interim, you will get self discovery prompts to work on, tools, and unlimited email support to help you stay on track and carry momentum forward.

Are sessions held in person or online?

At this time, sessions are conducted via Skype voice call, unless otherwise specified.

Is coaching a substitute for counselling therapy, or as a treatment for depression, anxiety, or other mental ILLNESSEs?

It is important to note that coaching should not be used as a substitute for seeking professional mental health or relevant medical advice.  If after a chat I think you may be better suited to another medium, such as counselling, I will refer you forward.

How long do I need to commit to the program?

This program requires a minimum commitment of three months to really clear your energetic blocks and bring you into your magnetism.  We aren’t about quick fixes here - this is about change and transformation for the long haul. My biggest wish for you is that this program doesn’t just change you for a week, or a few months - this is about implementing sustainable, lasting change that lasts for a lifetime.

Each month, I share another manifestation tool for you to integrate into your strategy. I do it monthly so that the previous tool has had time to really integrate - remember, we don’t want this to be overwhelming! The entire purpose of the exercise is to generate ease and flow in your day to day.

The longer the package you choose, the more manifestation tools you’ll access, and the greater benefit to your mind, body, and spirit you will notice in your daily life.

Do you guarantee results?

I guarantee that I will play at 100% during our time together and am 100% committed to facilitating your change and growth and believing in your ability to transform.  I guarantee that at no time will I buy into your limitations. I believe deeply in the work that I do and the tools that I teach and their ability to make lasting transformation.  And I would not be advertising these services if I did not believe to my very core in their ability to bring about incredible results and lasting change.

However, ultimately, it is up to you to take 100% responsibility for your results, take the right action, show up, and step outside your comfort zone.  These principles work when you do!

Look, legally I have to tell you that results are not guaranteed.  But I believe in the work that I do. And most importantly, I believe in YOU!

Is coaching safe?

Yes!  The beauty of our time together is that you have a safe and judgement free zone to explore what’s holding you back and gently let go so you can move forward.  You as the client are responsible for your own change and growth and ultimately, your own actions. My role is to facilitate this process by providing support, guidance, and encouragement along the way.

From time to time, I will stretch you by asking a difficult question or asking you to take an action that really gets you outside your comfort zone!  However, it is up to you as to whether you take this advice or not. I am not here to tell you what to do - rather to guide you to find your own truth and listen to your own inner wisdom.


I currently accept secure payment through Stripe or PayPal.



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Take the next steps …

  • Email me at, or get in touch via direct message on Instagram @glowwithrhi with any questions about the program you may have.

  • Click the button below to be taken to the application form and I’ll be in touch shortly afterward to discuss the next steps.


Spaces for my coaching sessions are limited and are reserved only for women who are absolutely invested in themselves and committed to their transformation, so availability is on an application only basis.

Sessions are conducted via Skype voice call.  Sales for all sessions are final. Missed appointments will be rescheduled at the earliest available time slot and may result in a cancellation fee.

Questions?  Email