Manifestation Simplified • Do our thoughts create reality?


Do our thoughts really create our reality?

Imagine if they could!

I know for sure if my thoughts created my reality, I’d be literally living at Disneyland.

I think the tenet of the law of attraction that our “thoughts create reality” is probably one of the most well known – and also the most misunderstood.  Whilst this idea has some merit and truth to it, which we will explore (and learn to use to our advantage), most of it is myth, and I’ll explain why.

Many of us when we’re starting out with manifestation will hear that “thoughts create things” and experience one of two things:

  1. We spend all day every day thinking “positively” about what we’re trying to call in and nothing comes through; or

  2. A naturally occurring “negative” thought, a self defeating thought, or doubts pop into our head and so we worry that we’ve “jinxed” it by thinking negative and creating that, and then worry about worrying about it, and end up in a downward spiral leading to almost frenzied, obsessive “over compensation” with positive thoughts or visualisation trying to make up for it.

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The truth about our thoughts

Our minds are constantly interpreting and making sense of the world around us.


In fact it's estimated that we think over 72,000 thoughts per day! That’s over 50 a minute!

Trying to control every single thought that we have on a daily basis would be a full time job in itself.

Whilst the concept of thinking positive is a nice one, it's at best impractical and at its most harmful, places an unrealistic expectation on us that would be impossible to fulfill.

The odd “negative” reaction to something unpleasant that happens to us through our day is natural and normal part of everyday life.

In fact trying to suppress or deny ourselves these thoughts and emotions can sometimes actually be more harmful to our psyche and to our vibrations overall.

It can lead us to think that we’ve “caused” a painful situation, event, or time in our lives because we haven’t been “thinking positive”.

A thought about what we don't like or what we don't want can even be helpful for our manifestation because it teaches our subconscious where to focus instead and shapes or completes our soul assignments.

To go even further with this concept, no thought is positive or negative in-and-of-itself: it's only the meaning that we choose to give it based on our subconscious beliefs, values and perceptions that determine whether it's a positive or negative thought.

Even our feelings are in a constant and natural state of ebb and flow throughout the day and so they themselves are not the place from which we manifest.

The truth is that we don't manifest what we're thinking about when we don't manifest from our emotions, so you can take a deep breath and relax.  

There's no need to try to monitor every thought, or panic because you've been in a bad mood that day and are worried that your vibration is going to be affected and you're going to delay what you're trying to manifest.

So if we don't manifest from our book thoughts and we don't manifest from our emotions where do we manifest from?

We manifest from our beliefs and from our subconscious conditioning which teaches us where to focus, what to think, how to feel and what we think is possible.

What our thoughts can tell us

Our thoughts are an indication of where we are focused: and our chosen focus point is a good indicator of our subconscious beliefs and programming, which do influence our reality. In fact, think of your thoughts as being less powerful in and of themselves. Think of them instead as a product of your current focus, which is a mirror reflecting back to you what’s probably going on in your subconscious mind.

By becoming more aware of where we’re consistently choosing to focus, we can examine the beliefs we carry that are shaping our focal point and therefore, our thoughts.

Our focus is also a great observation point for us to determine our current state of vibration, and how aligned we might be to what it is we’re trying to call in.

Case in point

Since moving from the home in the countryside that my husband and I lived in for half a decade, my magnetism and synchronicity has become so strong it’s sometimes actually freaked me out! (I’ll talk more about the magnetism of big action later.)

When you’re thinking of a song and it’s the next one to play on the radio, you know you’re deep in your magnetism…

When you’re thinking of a song and it’s the next one to play on the radio, you know you’re deep in your magnetism…

For instance, the other day, I was riding in the car with my husband and thought to myself that I’d really like to listen to Miley Cyrus’ Nothing Breaks Like a Heart.  I didn’t have my phone with me to connect Spotify, and we were listening to a hard rock station that would never in a million years play the song.

I turned it over to a random local variety station already midway through a song from the 1980s and when it finished, I’m not even kidding, Nothing Breaks Like a Heart was the very next song to play on that station.

Similarly, lately I’ve been thinking about a particular person and the phone literally starts ringing.

In this state of such potent magnetism, it really does feel like I can bend reality with my thoughts. It’s a fun concept, even if I know it’s not technically the way it works.

When I first started my manifestation journey, I was not very magnetic at all.  I really had to follow my manifestation formula to the T, do a hell of a lot of shadow work and be totally aligned to what I wanted to call in – no ifs or buts. 

There was really no such thing as “thoughts become things”.

However, as I became more magnetic, aligned, and stepped more into my worth, I synchronized much more rapidly with things that were a vibrational match as simply as focusing on them with intent.

Your energetics become much more sensitive and malleable, and the Universe becomes incredibly receptive.

And that is why, even though the “thoughts become things” superstition is kind of bullshit, when your vibration is high, a manifestation is no more difficult than a simple, intentional thought.

In other words, you can manifest things you are an energetic match for on tap.

Does this mean you can “manifest” a “negative” thing, or that if you think an unpleasant thought it’s going to happen? No. It simply means that as long as you are vibrationally aligned and there is no resistance when you set a manifestation intention, with no greater pomp and circumstance than a thought that it be so, it comes through with surprising speed and synchronicity.

Being aware of your focus

Even when you’re at a stage in your manifestation journey where even the most simple manifestation is a long process as you’re building that muscle, it pays to give gentle awareness to your focus from the beginning.

Rather than trying to “think positive” all the time, instead choose to observe the dominating thoughts you have each day without judgement – these are the thoughts you have several times a day, or the thoughts you have every day.  Ask yourself where you might be focusing if these thoughts continually come up for you, and what beliefs, programming, or buried situation, might be contributing to that focus.

Knowing our focus gives us better opportunities to tend to buried shadow, blocks, or situations in life that need our attention, that perhaps we’ve been allowing to fall by the wayside. In this way, we can correct course where necessary, work through our shadow, or sometimes even simply tend to ourselves more lovingly or compassionately.

Whilst at first you may not notice much of a shift, in time as you become more aligned and magnetic, you will notice more synchronicities and “mini wins” (free cups of coffee, parking spaces, songs on the radio) come up.

Being aware of your focus is like a muscle – the more you work at it the stronger it becomes.  Not only will you be able to hone in on a block more quickly, but you’ll also be better able to spot opportunities.

Once you’ve been through your shadow and you’re in that space of magnetism, when you think about what you want with no “buts” or “if onlys” and think only in terms of being connected to a Universe of infinite possibility, life starts to become magical.

The best part is, the more you notice, the more shows up, and the more magnetic you will become.

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