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When women realign with their authentic truth, rediscover their self worth and are inspired to reach for their ideals, they become an unstoppable, magnetic force that compels the Universe to move mountains. It’s a journey of stripping bare from their conditioning and the confines of their subconscious limits to reveal their true essence. That’s the part where I come in.



I believe that successful manifestation comes from a place of being grounded in one’s authenticity. It happens when one is rooted in her self worth in that area, is fearless in expressing that self worth, and connected to her authentic essence. If something that you’re calling in isn’t coming to pass, it’s likely due to subconscious blocks or learned limits ingrained from childhood, or living in a state of misalignment and disconnect from your values.

On an intuitive level, don’t you already know that to be true? You’re trying to call something in but deep in your gut it feels like there’s some invisible force holding you back.

The good news is that what’s been reprogrammed, regardless of how long you’ve held it in your subconscious, is re-programmable. There is a way to break down those subconscious blocks, step back into your authentic essence and know yourself to be worthy of your highest ideals. From that space, I guarantee that magnetism and manifestation will flow naturally.

Despite what others may tell you, it is absolutely possible to be the co-creator of your own reality. On the other side of the spectrum, contrary to law of attraction pop culture, you don’t have to struggle to think positive and ignore your true feelings and thoughts. In fact, that may just be the very thing harming your ability to manifest effectively.

rhiannonday.com is real, and raw. I feel, I hurt, and I jump for joy. I’m about real connection here. This is a space to be uplifted, inspired, creative, supported and free to be you.

Come on in and make yourself at home.  Take your shoes off, wander around barefoot, and settle in.

I’m delighted you’re here.




I was the kid, and the young adult, who was crippled with anxiety, depression and disordered eating patterns, but who always envisioned a beautiful life. At 26, after being stuck in a toxic relationship and a dead end job for years, all symptoms of a lifetime of low self worth, I knew it was time to make a change. Two books on the law of attraction, The Secret and The Law of Attraction by Rhonda Byrne, literally fell off the shelf at my feet and changed my life. Two months later, I enrolled to become a life coach and began to consume as much content around self development, psychology and manifestation as possible and my life began to change. I ditched the dead end job, and split from the toxic relationship. I manifested my soul mate and looked forward to manifesting more.

But after this point, I kept getting stuck. The law of attraction methods I had learned weren’t working anymore. From my coaching training, I learned to reverse engineer successful patterns, so I wrote down in detail what I did to manifest the little wins, as well as what I did to attract my dream partner. What I learned was intensely powerful - and also had little to do with the widely circulated law of attraction literature. I realised that what I had learned, combined with my certification as a coach, could be of great service and use to others.

I learned a process for manifestation, a formula within which the traditional law of attraction approach only makes up a tiny part. And before any of that can even begin, a strong foundation needs to be laid first. In fact, I believe it to be so necessary, that I’ve made it available for free to my subscribers.

At the time, I was creating a holistic lifestyle blog, centered around authentic and holistic living. I believe that all three elements: manifestation and magnetism, authenticity, and holistic living, are tantamount to one another. I wanted to create a space that harmonised these three elements, a hub for women to come and learn to make tangible the life they envision for themselves, the people they love, and the causes they believe in.




rhiannonday.com is a living, breathing vision board of the ideals of my readers and myself. As I myself move forward with my manifestation journey, my brand is always growing, evolving, and reaching toward its own ideals.

This is an environmentally and socially conscious blog and I intend for it to become more steeped in that focus as the blog expands. I care deeply about helping women to realign with their authentic essence and reach for their ideals and to that end I write within themes of manifestation, personal development, and exploring spirituality. I also care about providing valuable content around female empowerment, reducing environmental impact, and natural health and beauty.

Authenticity, integrity, kindness are core values to my brand and carry through in everything I do and offer to my readers. I update my blog weekly with enriching, valuable content centered around manifestation and holistic living.


Rhiannon Day is a coach and blogger at rhiannonday.com. She guides her clients through their subconscious blocks to rediscover their self worth and magnetic essence, consciously co-creating their ideal life. Her mission is to help women strip bare from their conditioning and the confines of their perceived limits to reveal their true essence and vibrate naturally on the same frequency as what they are calling in.

Having struggled with anxiety, depression and eating disorders from a young age, Rhiannon finally combated and overcame her mental illness used a combination of metaphysics, prayer, meditation, nutrition, exercise, positive psychology, CBT and NLP.

Rhiannon’s blog, rhiannonday.com, features articles dedicated to inspiring, educating and empowering women through holistic living and subconscious reprogramming. She also provides one on one coaching to a small number of clients to deconstruct their subconscious blocks and reprogram them to manifest effortlessly.

Rhiannon lives on the Gold Coast with her cherished husband and her Chihuahua Tinkerbell.