Hi there, I’m Rhiannon – a fitness instructor obsessed with everything before 1997, a Disney nerd, a classic film fanatic, makeup hoarder, and vintage clotheshorse.

I'm here to sprinkle the internet with joy, positivity and fabulousness!

… You’re here because you’re at the end of your rope.  You’ve tried every diet, done hours and hours of monotonous cardio, and yet the second you look at a piece of chocolate cake or fall off your grind, you gain all the weight back … and then some.

… You’re here because you want the energy to keep up with your kids.

… You’re here because you want to feel good about your clothes again: the clothes you buy and the clothes in your wardrobe.


… You’re here because your doctor has given you a pretty sobering wake up call about your health and your future.

… You’re here because you’re sick of cutting out carbs and boring workouts over crowded gyms that aren’t getting you the results you’re forking out big bikkies in gym membership to see.


Regardless of where you’re starting ...

Regardless of how you’re starting ...

Regardless of why you’re starting ...


You’re exactly where you need to be.


Welcome, Glam Baby, to the glow up of your life.


Come and join our Fit Family.  We have tee shirts.

(not really. Yet.)


What we DO have at are practical tips you’ll actually use for living well as the most fabulous, healthy, fit, glittery and magical version of YOU.

You’ll love it!  (Unless, of course, you don’t like learning about how to live well as the most fabulous, healthy, fit, glittery and magical version of YOU.)


Hello, Glam Baby!  Welcome!


I’m so happy you’re here.  My name is Rhiannon.


I’ve been blogging in various forms since 2014 – and whilst the iterations have changed in that time, my passion for building an online community and blogging has only grown since then.


Why a fitness blog?


I used to be a personal trainer, nose deep in the world of restrictive eating, yo-yo dieting, Diet Culture, and working out to “earn” my food.


It all began when I lost 25 kg and discovered the world of fitness – I was hooked.  I mean, I was a total gym junkie.


But deep down inside? I was harbouring a secret.


Staying at this weight wasn’t easy.  In fact, it was torture.


I counted every calorie, burned off every “indulgence” with hours of running on a treadmill, and tracked all my macros.


Yet I struggled to keep the weight off – as soon as I “slipped up”, the weight piled back on – and then some.


I was so frustrated, I gave up on diets, healthy eating and fitness altogether.  I turned my back on the fitness industry and pursued other paths.


Maybe I was supposed to not care about these things.


In a lot of ways, dropping the struggle to lose weight was deeply needed and cathartic.


I’m not going to lie, it felt good.


Until it didn’t.


Recently, I had a big wake up call: a health scare that landed me in the ER and forced me to face some very difficult truths.


Truths about my lifestyle, my relationships, my finances, and especially my health.


So ... I decided to make a change.  I decided to get into the best shape of my life, and become healthier and fitter at 36 than ever before.


But this time?  I’m doing it right.


No restrictive diets, or counting calories: just science backed nutrition to fuel my body.


No punishing myself with exercise I hate: just moving my body in a way that feels good to me.


The results may be slower but hey, that’s okay.


I’m in it for my health.


I’m in it for the long haul.


I don’t just want to look good for summer, I want to take care of my body and skin so I can be around to see my great grandchildren (and be the super glamorous great grandma who can still rock a swimsuit and a red lip with the best of them).


And as for blogging?  Well ... things have changed there, too.


My vision for this blog going forward is to document my journey back to fitness in the hope it will inspire a community of women to live their fittest, healthiest, most fabulous lives.


On the blog, you’ll find helpful tidbits of advice for your own fitness journey, like 32 ways to lose weight without dieting and how to start a home gym on a budget, as well as updates on my own fitness journey, and a little bit of everything I love.


This isn’t just a blog about fitness – simply because nothing in life is one dimensional, and neither am I.  I share my favourite no-bullshit tips on just about everything I love, from healthy recipes, mindset and beauty, to vintage fashion, blogging, decor, and everything in between.


Ya know.  Keeps it interesting for all of us.


So, are you ready to join me on this journey and learn how to become your fittest, healthiest, hottest and most fabulous self? 


The colour pink · anything Disney · scented candles · Nivea creme · red lipstick · vintage/retro fashion + beauty · Lady Gaga · champagne · the beach · the 1980s - just in general · watching movies · being extra · pizza · chandeliers · winged eyeliner · the Kardashians · Max Factor · pumpkin spice lattes · Jane Fonda workout tapes · pre-1997 nostalgia · white peonies · Christian Louboutin shoes · the movie La La Land · extravagant satin robes · my coffee machine · dogs · Old Hollywood history & memorabilia · cotton candy sunsets · leopard print · Marilyn Monroe · margaritas · pearls · rose gold · mid-century glam · travelling to new places · Playboy · jazz & bossa nova · marble · princesses · green smoothies · Los Angeles · new skincare · red wine · 1980s music · writing · scrapbooking · donuts · musicals · bubble baths · listening to vinyl records

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